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Job Description

Position Description

Cross Border Trade Specialist for Urja Nepal, a five-year USAID funded project, ending 11 Aug 2025. This is anticipated to be a five-year program, however the position is currently for one year.   

Project Description

The purpose of the USAID Urja Nepal Project is to assist the Government of Nepal (GoN) through its electricity sector administrative bodies, MoEWRI (Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation), DoED (Department of Electricity Development), NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority), ERC (Electricity Regulatory Commission), OIBN (Office of Investment Board of Nepal), and AEPC (Alternative Energy Promotion Center) to create a financially viable electricity sector. The project will work across four primary work streams: (i) improving the legal and regulatory frameworks, (ii) improving the performance of electric utilities, (iii) expanding engagement with the private sector, and (iv) increasing cross-border electricity trade (CBET). 

Urja will work with relevant GoN institutions to develop an Integrated Resource and Resilience Plan (IRRP), required as a first step to making the legislative, regulatory and operational activities which will decentralize Nepal’s electricity market, increase competition, deploy/finance sustainable energy technologies, and greatly increase cross-border electricity trading. Expected long-term results include: 

  • Improved policies and stronger legal frameworks to guide the decentralization of NEA according to constitutional principles
  • Improved commercial and operational performance of NEA, including its provincial centers
  • A fully operational ERC pursuant to its legal framework
  • A fully implemented and institutionalized Least Regrets Energy Planning process
  • Institutional arrangements and a regulatory framework in place to facilitate CBET
  • Contractual agreements completed to facilitate greatly expanded CBET
  • Sustainable energy technologies incentivized and employed
  • A legal, regulatory framework and institutionalized competitive bidding process for hydropower and RE projects

Cross Border Trade Specialist

Working directly with the Chief of Party (COP), who is also the Lead for Objective 4:“Cross border electricity trade (CBET) between Nepal and neighbors advanced:” – and in close collaboration with a the Leads for Objectives 1, 2, and 3, the Cross Border Trade Specialist will support and coordinate the implementation of the tasks associated with the delivery of Objective 4, including those activities listed below.

Deliverables, Tasks and/or Outputs

The Cross Border Trade Specialist shall, in coordination with all Urja Objective Leads, assist the Objective 4 Lead / COP to carry out the following activities related to project planning, counterpart technical assistance, donor coordination, capacity building, project promotion, transactional support, and reporting:

  • Prepare and conduct a series of maturity assessment discussions with project counterparts including MoEWRI (Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation), NEA ( Nepal Electricity Authority) , ERC ( Electricity Regulatory Commission), AEPC ( Alternative Energy Promotion Center ) , and OIBN ( Office of Investment Board of Nepal ) to assist with counterpart planning and the coordination of Urja supports
  • Assist the MoEWRI to analyze existing legal and regulatory frameworks and institutional arrangements in order to strengthen the sector pursuant to Urja Nepal’s 4 pillars
  • Support the GoN to strengthen the licensing framework and coordination among existing and perhaps new administrative bodies
  • Support NEA’s development of technical systems and policies for CBET and the establishment of a new, dedicated CBET transaction unit
  • Assist NEA to develop protocols for energy accounting, scheduling, and balancing
  • Support NEA’s CBET transaction unit to develop technical standards, smart grid systems, and standards for synchronization with neighboring grids
  • Strengthen ERC’s ability to regulate the development of the electricity sector in general, and specifically, that of NEA and its provincial subsidiaries, including the development of a regulatory framework that promotes grid connectivity, open access, scheduling and transmission pricing
  • Assist ERC to develop the legal and regulatory framework it requires to regulate CBET
  • Coordinate with Donor Partners active in the electricity sector, including the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, DFID, MCA-N, DoS, other USAID Implementing Partners, and with institutions throughout the region, including SARI/Irade, government entities throughout the region, and USEA
  • Support SARI/EI in its continuing efforts to build consensus on regional energy integration in South Asia through the establishment and strengthening of regional institutions, including a regional forum of regulators, and a regional forum of transmission utilities
  • Support the GoN and its institutions as they conduct internal and external consultations, including with women and vulnerable minorities; conduct workshops 
  • Develop and conduct capacity building activities, knowledge exchange visits
  • Coordinate with SARI/EI to develop the framework for a South Asia Forum of Transmission Utilities, a Forum of System Operators, and a Forum of Market Participants.
  • Work closely with the Ministry, NEA, the Power Trading Company of Nepal (PTCN), and the Independent Power Producers Association of Nepal (IPPAN) in the promotion of new projects and the identification of JV investors and potential off takers.
  • Assist in the identification of opportunities for involvement of private sector organizations from the U.S. for the delivery of goods and services 
  • Working closely with the Objective 3 Lead, support MoEWRI, NEA and PTCN in the review and negotiation of Power Sale and Purchase Agreements
  • Assist in the preparation of
    1. Summary reports on work
    2. Contributions to project deliverables
    3. Preparation and Presentation materials for formal trainings 

Qualifications/Requirements and Outputs

The Electricity Sector Specialist should have the following qualifications: 

  • Minimum of 7 years relevant progressive experience in the electricity sector
  • Experience and in-depth understanding of the development of hydropower projects in Nepal, the licensing regime and the actors involved
  • At minimum, a Master’s degree in the areas of engineering, business administration, finance, economics, or other related fields
  • Expertise in the use of spreadsheet tools including Excel
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with officials of the various governmental bodies active in the electricity sector, especially the hydropower sub-sector
  • Understanding of legislative and regulatory process governing hydropower projects in Nepal and about relevant legal duties of regulatory agencies and government ministries
  • In-depth knowledge of electricity sector regulation generally, and specifically the progress and requirements of ERC
  • In-depth knowledge of hydropower Project Development Agreements, Power Purchase Agreements and other project specific contracts and documents
  • Experience working with USAID, IFIs, government, and private sector or other donor and multilateral development institutions is strongly preferred 
  • Experience and understanding of electricity sector structures and the reform process, both in Nepal and internationally
  • Experience working directly on hydropower or electricity projects and contracts preferred
  • In-depth knowledge of South Asian CBET models and internationally and of Nepal’s Power Trading Agreements—existing and under development
  • Fluent speaking, reading and writing knowledge of both the English and Nepali languages
  • Strong communications and training skills
  • Proactive, self-starter willing to take initiative
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team environment, including with remote team members
  • Willingness to be flexible and responsive in a dynamic work environment
Apply Instruction

Please ensure resume/application DOES NOT INCLUDE personal information such as gender, age, marital status, ethnicity, religion. DCOP LLC is an equal opportunity employer.  This position is open to Nepali nationals only.