Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

A recruitment service is a company that helps companies find competent applicants for open positions. It is sometimes referred to as a staffing firm or recruitment agency. The term Executive Search or Headhunting, crucial for securing senior roles such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Sales Manager, IT Manager, Marketing Manager, etc., requires specialised expertise due to their inherent difficulty in sourcing. As a leading recruiting company, we boast a dedicated team of IT recruiters, Recruitment Officers, and CV-sourcing officers committed to identifying and presenting top-tier candidates. Our unparalleled commitment to quality assures our clients of superior candidates and CVs and exceptional recruiting services tailored to their organisational needs. Trust us for comprehensive and effective executive search solutions.

In addition to our robust team, our recruiting company employs cutting-edge technology and industry insights to stay at the forefront of executive search strategies. We go beyond traditional recruitment methods, utilising data-driven approaches for a more targeted and efficient process. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our rigorous screening processes, ensuring that each presented candidate not only meets but exceeds the specific requirements of our clients. Being one of the best recruitment agencies, Kumari's job is to find the best candidates for our clients. Partner with us for a seamless and success-driven executive search experience.

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Recruitment Procedure

  • Requirement Assessment:
    Picking candidates as per requirements.
  • Mapping Screening Profiles
    Screening the shortlisted candidates’ profile.
  • One Telephonic interview
    Assess the candidate's talking skills, suitability
  • Final Assessment and Interview
    Ensures maximum suitability.
  • Selection of Final Candidates
    Finalising candidates best suitable for the job
  • Invoicing and Billing
    Payment and billing of the services rendered

Headhunting services include the deliberate search and hiring of critical personnel—such as general managers, CEOs, and IT managers—vital to a firm's success. This methodical approach guarantees that all roles, regardless of seniority, align with the business's particular needs and objectives. Using our headhunting knowledge, we customise our services to each client's requirements, guaranteeing a custom and efficient recruitment solution for obtaining top talent.

Types of Recruitment in Kumari Job

  1. Technical

    Employers who seek candidates with specialised knowledge or abilities in fields such as science, engineering, or technology are said to be recruiting technically. Often, these positions call for specialised education or expertise. For instance, employing someone with experience developing new technologies or writing computer code.

  2. Non-Technical

    Employers who fill positions that don't call for specialised technical knowledge are engaging in non-technical recruitment. These positions may be administration, human resources, marketing, or sales. These roles require strong problem-solving, collaboration, and communication abilities instead of specific technical knowledge.

Why is Recruitment Service Important?

  1. Access to a wider talent pool, including passive candidates
  2. Focusing on high-quality candidates for specialised or executive positions
  3. Improved chance of finding the right fit for specific roles
  4. Efficient and thorough process, with targeted selection of candidates
  5. A cost-effective option, especially for filling highly specialised or executive positions
  6. Expertise in specific industries, allowing for a better understanding of required skills and experience
  7. A proactive approach to sourcing top talent, rather than just relying on job advertisements.
  8. Access to rare skills, making it suitable for filling highly specialised roles.
  9. Faster hiring process, especially for difficult-to-fill positions
  10. Commitment to fulfilling requirements within a given time frame

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