Who are we?

Bridging the gap between dreams and careers since 2014. Kumari Job Pvt. Ltd is a leading job site and human resources consulting firm that helps employers find the talent best suited for their business goals to improve overall performance. Our main goal is to create a single, effective platform through which businesses and job seekers can find their most appropriate matches. Additionally, the dedicated team at Kumari Job is concentrated on upholding the fundamental principles of honesty and professionalism as well as comprehending and recognizing the needs of our clients.

What we do?

  • Vacancy Announcement:Helping employers find the right candidates and job seekers find suitable jobs
  • Outsourcing:Helping businesses with their HR solutions while focusing on their core competencies.
  • Training: Helping freshers and professionals kick start their careers with real-life skills and knowledge.
  • Human Resource Consulting:Optimizing HR processes to enhance employee engagement and achieve strategic goals.

Message From MD

With ten years of expertise in the HR industry, we aim to help the right candidate find their ideal job. Many success stories have made us one of the top industry leaders. Everyone associated with Kumari job is like a family to us; like family, everyone is different. Understanding this, we help close the gap between every individual's needs and wants. We aim to establish a robust client-candidate relationship, resulting in mutually beneficial strategies, techniques, and practices for both parties

Our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge to handle every client's needs, providing custom solutions and processes while maintaining our core values. By continuously improving our daily operations, we aim to contribute to Nepal’s employment sector for years to come.

Kumari Job MD


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  • Company Rebranding
  • Listed as Top Job Website in Nepal by Alexa Internations/Waste Santane Forum
  • Celebrated 10th Year
  • Shifted to a Prime Location
  • Successfully Diversified Business Vertical to Align with Dynamic Goals
  • Rebranding
  • Acquired Legal Certification from Ministry Of Employment & Labor Law. Successfully Outsourced 2500+ Staffs for Leading ISP's, Automobile, MNC & Corporate Sectors.
  • From developing the initial job website to doing comprehensive market research, founded with passion by a visionary entrepreneur.

  • The mission of Kumari Job is to establish itself as a reputable worldwide talent platform, go public as a multinational company, and develop and provide the most excellent hiring platform for employers and employees.

  • We work hard every day to assist our customers in hiring and to assist applicants in finding jobs. We develop and provide excellent recruitment mediums, technologies, and platforms for linking jobs and people.

  • Kumari Jobs, a rapidly growing business, offers a user-friendly interface to streamline job search, attracting quality employees and top talent, thereby enhancing the professional experience.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Kumari Job is a legally certified HR consulting firm and Nepal's top job website, connecting job seekers and employers with free job search and application respectively.

    Hiring involves identifying needs, advertising job openings, reviewing applications, conducting interviews, checking references, verifying backgrounds, offering and negotiating, and accepting the candidate as a team member.

    Kumari Job provides various services, including a vacancy announcement, employee outsourcing, training services, and permanent and temporary recruitment services.

    Yes, Kumari Job is a reputable job website in Nepal offering a user-friendly interface, extensive job listings, and successful placements to help individuals navigate the complexities of the job market.

    For Recruitment: 9801181346
    ForJob Posting: 9801198629
    For Outsourcing: 9801179547
    For General Enquiry: 01-5199600

    Kumari Job offers completely free job search and application services for job seekers. To learn about our other service costs, please visit:
    For Vacancy Announcement
    For Employee Outsourcing
    For Training Services
    For Recruitment Services

    Kumari Job offers valuable advice on creating a robust and memorable resume, allowing job seekers to register, generate, and download their CVs for free.

    The platform offers a comprehensive training program focusing on genuineness, transparency, and local market knowledge, with an intuitive UI and sophisticated search capabilities.