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Trainings In Nepal

Kick start your career today with Kumari Job's comprehensive training courses. Choose the best training in Nepal from our wide selection of courses where you can opt for beginner and/or advance level courses. Get certified and get job opportunities today

MERN Stack Training

Master MongoDB, Excel, Express.js, React, and Node.js | 60 Days

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Advanced Digital Marketing Training

Learn advanced level digital marketing strategies, use high quality tools | 3 Months

View Detail
Job-Oriented Digital Marketing Training

Understand the basics of marketing and uncover the digital world works | 30 Days

View Detail
Advanced Accounting Training

Navigate intricate tax regulations and discover innovative strategies | 30 Days

View Detail
Professional HR Training

Get accustomed to HR processes, law regulations, and practices | 20 Days

View Detail
Job-Oriented Accounting Training

Navigate the complexities of taxation in industry standard softwares | 30 Days

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Why join training in Kumari Job?

  • Comprehensive Skill Development: Enhance your skills and knowledge with industry-relevant training programs.
  • Experienced Instructors: Learn from seasoned professionals with years of industry experience.
  • Practical Learning Approach: Gain hands-on experience through interactive, real-world projects.
  • Customized Training Programs: Find training tailored to your unique needs and career goals.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your professional network.

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Testimonials From our Trainees

  • I attended a Job-Oriented Accounting Training at Kumari Job, where I gained comprehensive knowledge of Accounting practices, covering Direct-Indirect Tax, Tally, and Salary sheet with precision. The experienced trainers provided practical guidance through hands on exercises and real world case studies. I highly recommend Kumari Job's Job-Oriented Accounting training to anyone seeking to kickstart or advance their career in the accounting sector.
    Sumintra Kumari Mahato Job-Oriented Accounting Training
  • The Job Oriented Accounting Training offered by Kumari Job went above and beyond my expectations! In just 4 weeks, I went from being a beginner to feeling like an expert accountant. The classes were intense but incredibly rewarding, thanks to the guidance of their expert Chartered Accountant trainers. Plus, learning important industrial software was a huge bonus. I strongly encourage individuals interested in launching a prosperous career in accounting and finance to consider Kumari Jobs Accounting Training.
    Vickey Raj Mahato Job-Oriented Accounting Training
  • I attended a Professional HR Training at Kumari Job, where I gained comprehensive knowledge of HR practices, covering recruitment strategies, employee relations, and performance management with precision. The experienced trainers provided practical guidance through hands-on exercises and real world case studies. I highly recommend Kumari Job's HR training to anyone seeking to kickstart or advance their career in Human Resources.
    Gunja Amatya Professional HR Training
  • Attending the Human Resource Training at Kumari Job was a game changer for me. The sessions were clear, concise, and highly informative. I gained valuable insights into various HR practices and strategies that I could immediately apply in my role. The trainer was knowledgeable and approachable, making the learning experience enjoyable. I highly recommend Kumari Job's HR training to anyone looking to enhance their skills Professional Human Resource Training.
    Barsha Lama Professional HR Training
  • Embarking on a new career trajectory was initially a daunting endeavor for me. As I stepped into the role of an HR Trainee, I was engulfed by a wave of confusion and apprehension. However, the transformative 20-day HR Training program offered by Kumari Job served as a beacon of clarity in this fog of uncertainty. This program, with its perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, significantly alleviated my initial fears and confusion. It was indeed a transformative journey that equipped me with the confidence and skills to navigate my new career path with ease.
    Sumi Phuyal Professional HR Training
  • I recently completed the Job Oriented Digital Marketing Training at Kumari Job, and I must say it was exceptional. The instructor was friendly, knowledgeable and experienced, providing practical insights that I could immediately apply to my work. The course content was well-structured and easy to understand, making the learning process enjoyable. I highly recommend Kumari Job's digital marketing training to anyone looking to enhance their skills in this field.
    Srijana Simkhada Job-Oriented Digital Marketing Training
  • Joining Kumari Job's Digital marketing training was life changing for me. It wasn't just a class; it felt like finding my true calling. From the start, I felt supported and inspired by the amazing people there. The lessons were easy to follow, and I learned so much about marketing online. The trainers were always there to help me, and I grew more confident with each session. Thanks to Kumari Job, I now feel ready to chase my dreams in digital marketing.
    Pema Tshering Lama Job-Oriented Digital Marketing Training
  • The Digital Marketing Training provided by Kumari Job was genuinely outstanding. Everything is covered in their extensive lessons, which range from basic concepts to more complex subjects including Email marketing, Social media marketing, Content marketing, SEO, SEM, Analytics, and online tools. The Master Campaign segment had a very significant influence on me, giving me the confidence to effectively execute and optimize campaigns. Thank you, Kumari Job, for empowering my career journey.
    Ashok Rimal Job-Oriented Digital Marketing Training
  • Entering the digital marketing field can be daunting, but Kumari Job's training equipped me to overcome those initial challenges. The course structure allowed me to fit it around my busy schedule, while still providing a comprehensive understanding of key digital marketing strategies. The supportive instructor provided personalized guidance. and the practical exercises allowed me to experiment and learn from my mistakes in a safe environment. This hands-on approach boosted my confidence and helped me develop a problem-solving mindset, essential for success in this dynamic field.
    Sujan Maharjan Job-Oriented Digital Marketing Training
  • I attended an Advanced Accounting Training at Kumari Job and couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. The trainer was knowledgeable, and his practical approach helped me grasp complex accounting concepts effortlessly. The hands-on exercises and real-life case studies were invaluable in solidifying my understanding. I highly recommend Kumari Job's Advanced Accounting Training to anyone looking to enhance their accounting skills and advance their career in finance.
    Babita Khadka Advanced Accounting Training
  • For me, Kumari Job's Advanced Accounting Training has changed everything. The course was incredibly comprehensive, covering everything from salary sheets to ad- vanced tax, VAT, and TDS. The trainer was very professional and made complex topics simple to understand. Moreover, learning about budgeting and MIS has given me a solid foundation for my career. I highly recommend Kumari Job's training to anyone looking to elevate their financial skills.
    Sanjog Thapa Advanced Accounting Training
  • Kumari Job offers a unique career growth and development opportunity through its Advanced Accounting Training. I acquired invaluable insights that distinguish me in the industry by mastering payroll processes to navigate complex tax regulations. I'm ready to embark on roles such as Accountant, Budget Analyst, and Financial Analyst. Tax Accountants and so on. The instructor was supportive and engaging, making the learning process enjoyable and enriching. I'm grateful for the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally through this training.
    Gopal Oli Advanced Accounting Training
  • My experience with Kumari Job's MERN Stack Training was amazing! I learned so much about web development in a really practical way. The instructor was great at explaining everything, and I could really understand MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js. Now, I feel confident about building websites and apps from scratch! I'd definitely recommend Kumari Job's Training to anyone who wants to get into web development.
    Om Pandey MERN Stack Training
  • My experience with Kumari Job's MERN Stack Training was truly transformative. As someone with a passion for technology but limited practical experience, I was seeking a program that could provide both comprehensive instruction and hands-on mentoring. Kumari Job exceeded my expectations on both fronts. Thank you. Kumari Job, for helping me take my coding journey to the next level!
    Ayur Adhikari MERN Stack Training