Comprehensive Job Posting Solutions

Kumari Job provides a comprehensive platform for vacancy announcement, recruitment, outsourcing, and HR services. Employers can easily post vacancies, find qualified candidates, and streamline their hiring processes.

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Our Services

Kumari Job provides tailored solutions to meet all your recruitment needs, ensuring a seamless hiring process from start to finish. Our platform is designed to connect you with top-tier talent, making it easier than ever to find the right candidates.

Vacancy Accouncement

Our Vacancy Announcement Service allows you to easily post vacancies and reach a large pool of qualified candidates, ensuring you find the perfect fit quickly and efficiently.


Our Outsourcing Services provide reliable and efficient HR outsourcing, allowing you to focus on your core business.


With our Recruitment Solutions, our expert team helps you find, evaluate, and hire the best talent, making the recruitment process seamless and effective.

Human Resource Consulting

Enhance your HR strategies with our HR Consulting services, where experienced professionals offer customized solutions to improve your hiring and retention practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an account on Kumari Job is easier than ever.
If you want to post a job and hire a job seeker, click here.
If you wish to switch careers or apply for a job, click here.

Kumari Job provides job posting services catered to different buying capacities, from single-unit plans to unlimited hiring packages.
  • Essential Plan
  • Premium Plan
  • Royal Plan
  • Ultimate Plan
  • Unlimited Plan
To learn more and choose the best plan for your company, call us at 01-5199600 or visit our vacancy announcement page.

You can post vacancies according to the service you choose, i.e., the Essential Plan, the Premium Plan, the Royal Plan, the Ultimate Plan, or the Unlimited Plan. Each plan has its own features.

We have five vertices of job posting service. We charge a cost based on the service chosen by the employer. Our Essential Plan starts at Rs.5000 per unit post, and depending upon your hiring requirements, we will suggest you the best package.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and satisfaction. We provide every possible support until your posted vacancies have expired.

You will get your desired candidate even if you only post on our website. Additionally, we run social media campaigns to increase the chances of getting more candidates for your job postings.

Yes, it is possible. However, we strongly suggest that you disclose the company name to increase branding and trust and to attract more applications.

You can visit our homepage and apply for multiple vacancies if you are a jobseeker. You can start your journey by registering for an account.