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Sep 02

Ten things you need to know about interview||

It might be easy to find and apply for jobs. With availability of many websites, but when at time of  facing interview for the first time we may be nerves or have a stressful time. Everyone has ...

Aug 29

प्रतिश्ठित कम्पनिमा २०० भन्दा बढी कर्मचारीको आवश्यक्ता !!

हाल मात्र सुरु गरिएको एक प्रतिश्ठित कम्पनिले कुमारी जब मार्फत बिभिन्न पदमा ...

Aug 28

Best Career Advice for freshers ( people in their 20s)

If you're young and your career is in its early days, you've likely been advised to plenty of career formula. But if "follow your passion," "give 110%," and "be ...

Aug 26

Pitfalls to avoid at the workplace for shaping better career opportunities

How we choose to spend our professional life determines a great deal on how our career will shape up. However, being young and restless, and fresh out of college, we may make a few mistakes that can ...

Aug 25

२८ हजार स्थायी शिक्षकका लागि विज्ञापन खोलिदै

सरकारले सामुदायिक विद्यालयमा २८ हजार स्थायी शिक्षको दरबन्दी खुलाउने तयारी ...

Aug 25

+2 मात्र पढेकालाई मासिक २०,००० कमाउने अवसर

Bidhee Private Limited उच्च गुणस्तरीय  कामगर्दै आएको कार्यालय हो, जसका कर्मचारीहरु मिलनसार, ...

Aug 22

ठुलो संख्यामा नेपाली सेनामा रोजगारीको अवसर

नेपाली सेनाको स्वीकृत दरबन्दी भित्र रिक्त रहेका देहायका पदहरु समावेशी तथा ...

Aug 19

कुनै पनि कम्पनीले दक्ष कामदारमा खोज्ने प्रमुख गुणहरु

In the previous article we mentioned reasons for “Why am I still unemployed” and Now connected to the same context we present ourselves again here. Business leaders have many responsibilities ...

Aug 17

अझै बेरोजगार हुनका कारणहरु

" म अझै बेरोजगार, किन ?" के यो प्रश्नले तपाइलाई हरेक क्ष्यन र हरेक स्तिथिमा ...

Aug 16

बहिर्मुखी र अन्तर्मुखी व्यक्तित्व भएकाले रोज्नु पर्ने रोजगारी

Generally human beings are social in nature. However some individual depending upon their interaction in the society are introvert (अन्तर्मुखी) and extrovert (बहिर्मुखी) ...

Aug 14

५५१ को लागि रोजगारीको अवसर

नेपाल प्रहरीमा रिक्त रहेको प्रहरी सहायेक निरीक्षक (जनपद) पदमा खुल्ला प्रतियोगिताद्वारा ...