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Jul 03

हरेक वर्गको लागि रोजगारको अवसर !!

अवसर र मौकाहरु धेरै आऊँछन् | तर अघि ती बढ्छ जसले त्यी अवसर, ती मौकाहरुलाई सहि ...

Jun 30

नेपाल बंगलादेश बैंकमा कर्मचारीको आवश्यकता !!

नेपालको 'क' वर्गको बैंक, नेपाल बंगलादेश बैंकले, बित्तिय क्षेत्रमा करियर बनाउन ...

Jun 29

Interview छुट्यो !! अपनाउनुहोस् यी उपायहरु |

We all know what interview is.  One of the greatest fear of us all. It is the key to any job and also a chance to create an impression too. But have you ever been late to the interview or missed ...

Jun 29
Jun 28

कुन महत्वपूर्ण : शिक्षा कि अनुभव ?

Success. The word, wait not only a word but a need, an addiction, that drives every individual to something, something they wish to acquire, something where they put an effort to the fullest, something ...

Jun 26

३५ जनाको लागि नेपाल पारवहन तथा गोदाम व्यवस्था कम्पनीमा रोजगारीको अवसर |

लोक सेवा आयोगबाट  प्राप्त स्वीकृति अनुसार नेपाल पारवहन तथा गोदाम व्यवस्था ...

Jun 22

दक्ष कर्मचारीले किन छोडछन् जागिर ?

We often find employers complaining about their employees leaving the job, or the employee turnover is increasing or similar kinds of things. But instead of complaining, do you think they know the reasons ...

Jun 21

"तपाईको करियरलाई तिब्रता दिने ५ उपायहरु "

Professional development courses are the key to all the professionals out there who are seeking new challenges every day. These courses add up some skills to their repertoire. Below are five such courses ...

Jun 21

Sales Officer

Leading automobile company in Nepal is seeking the candidates of Sales Officer Position for commercial vechile.

Number of Vacancies    :5
Position ...

Jun 18

६२ जनाको लागि नेपाल आयल निगममा जागिर खुल्यो |

आयल निगमद्वारा गरिएको दरखास्त आहवानको सूचना अनुसार सहायकदेखि उपप्रवन्धकसम्मका ...

Jun 16

Human Resource Officer

Leading Auto Mobile Comapny has announced vacancy for following managerial  position ;

Position         :Human Resource Officer

Location       ...

Jun 16

Senior Spare Parts Incharge

Urgent requirement, for the vacant position of  Spare Parts In-charge in 4 wheeler Automobile company. Candidate should be familiar with the automobile parts and racking system ...