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Mar 31

GOVERNMENT JOBS!! किसानका लागि उन्नत बिउ-बिजन कार्यक्रमकालगी कर्मचारीको अावश्यकता!! APPLY गर्नका लागी यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुहोस्। APPLY NOW!!

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT from Ministry of Agricultural Department!!
किसानका लागि उन्नत बिउ-बिजन कार्यक्रमकालगी कर्मचारीको ...

Mar 28

INGO JOBS IN NEPAL!! Forum for Nation Building ले थुप्रै संख्यामा कर्मचारी माग्यो!! APPLY गर्नका लागि यहाँ CLICK गर्नुहोस्।


Organization: Forum for Nation Building
Forum for Nation Building (FNB) Nepal is an NGO working on human rights, access to justice, migration, rule ...

Mar 22

Top 10 Basic Interview Tips for Freshers

The ultimate goal of studying hard is to get a job. But many of the bright students who are intelligent in their studies fails in interview round. Here are some basic interview tips for freshers ...

Mar 02

CAREER OPPORTUNITY @ Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited!! APPLY NOW !!


Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited.