How to land a job even when you feel under qualified for it?

How to land a job even when you feel under qualified for it?

Dec 14, 2020

How to land a job even when you feel under qualified for it?

How will you be able to land that job when you are under qualified because you are fresh out of college?

Why would they hire you when you are from a different field?


These questions have definitely crossed your mind more often while you are planning to apply for a job may it be as a fresher or a professional. And these questions may have halted your applying process more of the times than you’ve expected it to.

Today, we have some tips and tricks to help you land that job even when you feel like you are not qualified or under qualified for the job.

First thing first, apply for the job. If you don’t apply for the job, you are never going to be hired whether you are qualified or not. And while you apply for the job customize your cover letter and your CV as per the job vacancy.

When you customize your cover letter, be honest. Say who you are and what you are with sheer honesty. Now, once you have mentioned who and what you are, craft that cover letter with the soft and transferable skills you have. Mold these skills in such a way that you mesmerize the employer that these set of skills are useful effectively for the vacant position.

Referrals are going to do magic if you can bag some. This is where networking comes to the play. You can always grab some free preference points over others by referrals. Even if you are fresh out of college, if you can wire some referrals to your application, your application will definitely stand out in the crowd.

It is inevitable that technical skills can be acquired easily over time, but traits like confidence, creativity and uniqueness will always put you ahead in the herd. Be confident about yourself and be confident that you can get past the hurdles the new job is going to put in front of you.

Your enthusiasm and passion regarding the position is also going to make a difference in the overall run. Make sure you can convince the employer that you are passionate about the job. And with the soft skills you have, you can learn the technical skills quickly.

Your unique perspective towards the position will also set you apart even if you lack experience or qualifications. But most importantly, apply for the job.

First apply, apply and then apply again. You never know you are exactly the person we as hiring managers are searching unless you apply.

So, get your CV updated and start applying. Well, how about we help you with the process? Register at as a job seeker and explore the available vacancies out there.

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