Kumarijob provides mainly three types of job posting services. 1) Premium Job Posting: Jobs are displayed on top section of our website. Employers can access to 100 CVs of candidates from our database. 2) Hot Job Posting: Jobs are displayed just below the premium jobs. Employers can access only the applicants CVs for the posted job vacancy. 3) Recent Job Posting: Jobs are displayed at the last section of our website. At this category, only the listing of job vacancies is done. There is no any customized page for the company profile like in premium and hot job service.

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Kumarijob provides different services which include: 1) Staffing Service First Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd applies extensive recruitment techniques from various sources. First Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd has been providing quality candidates that are pre-screened. These candidates are screened through multiple phases and forwarded to the organizations for the final selection purpose. 2) Outsourcing Outsourcing refers to a process where one company places the person in the other company as their staff. In order to minimize more employee turnover, control cost of HR activities and operational risk, many companies turn to staff outsourcing nowadays. In this context, First Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd has initiated the flexible and competitive staff outsourcing solution to its client. 3) HR Consulting We are responsible for assisting clients with strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations. For this, we may need to perform needs assessments or audits and make recommendations or proposals, coordinate the creation and implementation of an action or corrective plan, and when required, organize and coordinate cross-functional Human Resource teams to assist the client with developing and implementing performance improvement corrective plans, programs or processes. 4) Job Posting Services Employers can post the vacancies at www.kumarijob.com under various categories such as premium job posting, hot job posting and recent job posting. 5) Corporate Training First Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd has been conducting different training since its establishment to valued client as per there need. We have number of corporate trainer to deliver cost effective training. We provide different trainings such as o Management Excellency Training o Job Preparatory Training o Personal Skill Development Training o Life skill Training o Front Desk Excellency Training o Banking Training

Employer Account is an account created for employers who want to publish vacancies at www.kumarijob.com. You cannot publish vacancies without employer account.

No, latest posting will appear on top of the page as well as search result page.

We have different job posting categories such as Premium Jobs, Hot Jobs and Recent Jobs. The vacancy can be posted for 7 days and 15 days, depending on your need. However, the length of the ad placement can be extended as per your requirements.

Yes, you can publish the job vacancy without disclosing the company’s name. The name of the company can be hidden but we suggest you to show it for the company’s branding and get more applications.

Your job posting will be reachable to all job seekers through our Website, other interface and social media. Likewise, email regarding the new jobs is sent to the registered jobseekers.

No, there is no such limitation to the number of resume per vacancy.