प्राबिधिक, गैर प्राबिधिक र स्वास्थ्य सेवाक विभिन्न तहमा कर्मचारी को माग !! PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION (LOK SEWA AAYOG) ANNOUNCES VACANCY!!!

Apr 26, 2019

Grab your opportunity and be a civil servant.

Inaugurated on 15 June 1951 A.D, Public Service Commission is one of the independent constitutional body as per Present Constitution of Nepal 2007(2063 BS) and works for hiring meritorious candidates for civil service on the behalf of Government of Nepal. Public Service Commission, at present, has announced vacancies (published on Gorkhapatra, 15 April 2019) for various positions as listed below:

Vacant position for
1. Gazetted 1st, 2nd and Third (Technical/Non-Technical) in Foreign Services and
2. 9th and 11th level of Health Services.

Interested and eligible Nepali citizens are requested to apply.

Examination Type:
Written, Computer Practical Test and Interview

Application Submission Deadline:
Baisakh 31, 2076 (May 14, 2019).

Vacancy Details:

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