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Ten things you need to know about interview||

It might be easy to find and apply for jobs. With availability of many websites, but when at time of  facing interview for the first time we may be nerves or have a stressful time. Everyone has to face their first interview and we all have great hope and high confidence as well as few surprises at interview.

Below are list of the things you need to know on your first interview:

  1. Never lie In Your Resume

Creating a resume is the first hurdle you need to master in your job interview. Be realistic and provide factual information that matches your level, skills, achievements and areas of interest. Providing wrong information and getting caught red-handed may hamper your career.


  1. Choose for what interests you

Apply for those particular jobs that interest you, this will help you to show off your skills as well as speak easily about while talking to the interviewer. Because you are immersed in it and following it in your daily routine that will help you to outcast yourself easily.


  1. Learn about the company/ job’s scope

Knowing about the company’s profile will help  you answer questions like “ why should we hire you?”. Also you can better sell yourself by telling them how your skill can help them achieve their goals.


  1. First impression is last impression

A book is judged by its cover. Your dress code shows how professional is your appearance and how compatible you are with the culture of the company. Because before you say anything an opinion is formed about you based on how you look.


  1. Be ready for everything

Keep a mindset that your interview is one step away from landing in the job. Also use the right jargons and specific words when explaining your reasons this will help you to set you apart from the rest.



  1. Observation starts from the receptionist

A receptionist handles many things for the boss: mail, phone calls, the greeting of clients etc. The receptionist will also be the person to greet you and let the boss know that you’re here. You will probably also be sitting within their field of vision.

  1. Question Intelligently

Asking questions is highly recommended, and interviewers expect a ton of questions form you as it shows that you are interested in the company. However, don’t gallop in and ask about the benefits and leave days you can get in a year. Also focus questions more on making you stand out then other candidates.


  1. Show willingness to learn

Show the interviewer that you are ready for the challenge and willing to work harder than others to deliver the objectives.


  1. There might be more than one interview

Most of the large companies interview candidates in rounds for shortlisted candidates. If you are invited to such scenario fell more excited than afraid as this means company is interested in hiring you.


  1. Wrap up

Send a quick thank you email. Get the contact from the name card they handed to you and email them, telling them clearly who you are, thanking them for the opportunity and telling them you wish they find the man (or woman) for the job. This will give you the edge to differentiate than other candidates.



At the end of the day you, you may or may not get hired. It’s just how it is. Not all blind dates work out great either, right?

It’s not that hard to prepare for all these things. Yes, it may be nerve wrecking but putting up a strong yet humble front shows them you’re ready to face challenges and overcome hurdles. There’s some instant respect and admiration for you right there. Best of luck!