How to Make a Good LinkedIn Profile?

How to Make a Good LinkedIn Profile?

Mar 25, 2021

Crafting a LinkedIn profile is more important than being in LinkedIn itself. Read more to learn how to make a good LinkedIn profile that stands out.

How to make a good Linkedin Profile?

We all know about LinkedIn. If not, LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional social networking sites. Today, having a LinkedIn account is a necessity to grow in the professional world. The primary thing differentiating LinkedIn from other social networking sites is that LinkedIn is an absolute no-nonsense site. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, where you can update on anything and everything, in LinkedIn, you only add things relevant to your career, skill, and profession.

The primary goal of the application is to create and establish connections with people they know and trust professionally while sharing insightful content on your timeline. People refer to LinkedIn profiles for professional connections while also hiring.

While LinkedIn is a highly professional platform, you do not want to compromise on your profile, right? Your profile is the first and only thing representing you in front of the world. So, you want it to be accurate yet concise and intriguing.

We have listed some of the ways you can make your profile strong enough to make your first impression.

Begin with a professional profile picture:

Your profile picture is the primary point of touch with people visiting your profile. You will need a professional-looking headshot with a proper smiling face. Your profile picture set an impression from the start. So, if you haven’t kept a profile picture, include this in your to-do list.

Customize your headline to stand-out:

Take a few steps ahead of leaving your headline with the job title and current company. Try speaking directly with the audience through your headline. Customize your headline with the important industrial keywords, yet making your headline concise and accurate. 

Craft your summary using keywords:

Your summary is also essential. Here you are trying to solve the problem of the person visiting your profile. It is important to keep your target audience in mind while writing your summary. Fill your summary with around 5 to 6 biggest achievements in bullet format to make it more readable.

Add images and documents to highlight your experiences:

Adding images and documents to your experience makes your profile stand out. You should add any experiences relevant to the career you want to go. This idea makes your profile visually appealing and a standard resume.

Ask for recommendation:

When someone recommends you to others, s/he is transferring her/his trust upon you to that other person, too. Hence, a recommendation is a valuable asset to have. You can always reach out to prior colleagues, associates, and managers and ask them to write you a recommendation.

Update status with industry-relevant contents:

Like setting up your profile, it is equally important that you regularly update your status with industry-relevant content. Your content will attract people from the industry while also keeping them engaged. So, always think about your target audience and create relevant and valuable content.


LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms when used properly. You can work on these suggestions and amend your profile to stand out in the crowd of recruiters, hiring managers, potential customers, and potential networks.

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