Mar 17, 2021

Business etiquette is an element within the business protocol and workplace etiquette is a type of business etiquette.

Basic Dos and Don’ts of Workplace Etiquette.


Today, let’s talk about some things about workplace etiquette. We all might have heard a lot about etiquette and how they shape our personality. Likewise, there are specific kinds of etiquette to be followed when you are engaged in a workplace, they are termed workplace etiquette. Business etiquette is an element within the business protocol and workplace etiquette is a type of business etiquette. Before we dive into business etiquette, let us see what is Business protocol.


Business protocol is defined to be the general term for various aspects of a company ranging from behavior to task execution. Underlying beneath this very definition is Business Etiquette. Now, what is business etiquette?


Business etiquette is the set of assumed and exact standards that facilitates the interaction between people in the workplace and nourishes the communal and respectful atmosphere. There are different kinds of Business Etiquette and each kind have their own do’s and don’t s. Today, we are doing to look into do’s and don’t s of workplace etiquette precisely.



-Punctuality is essential. And it is not limited to arriving at the office, but implies to your time reaching the meeting, conference, seminars or the presentations.

-It is a must to say your full name while introducing yourself. If you have a long name, refrain from keeping it short and pay attention if your name is hard to pronounce.

-Standing when being introduced makes it hard to ignore. Even if you aren’t able to stand up instantly, make sure to lean forward to indicate that they have your attention.

-Keep your cell phone on vibrate or mute mode whenever you are at the office premises within working hours.

-Engage yourself in constructive criticism.

-Always seek your colleague’s permission before using any of their accessories.

-Being a team player is essential and so is appreciating the good work of your colleague.

-Become an effective communicator.



-Don’t use your index finger while referring to anyone, rather use an open palm.

-It's a big no for food in the workplace.

-Do not use music gadgets in the office

-Do not hover around your colleague all the time and don’t enter others' cabin without permission.

-Do not engage yourself in offensive gossips in the workplace.

-Don’t raise your voice in the workplace whether it is your colleague, junior, or anyone.

-Don’t forget to take your pen and notepad while entering into meetings and seminars.

-Do not bring your work to the office.


These business etiquettes are most of the time learned with experience, but sometimes these lists of etiquette are handed to you by the company at the beginning itself. No matter the case, etiquette is an essential part of our personality and has a great impact on our success in the work environment.

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