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कुनै पनि कम्पनीले दक्ष कामदारमा खोज्ने प्रमुख गुणहरु

In the previous article we mentioned reasons for “Why am I still unemployed” and Now connected to the same context we present ourselves again here.

Business leaders have many responsibilities to carry out. And it is difficult for business persons to engage its limited resources to hunt talents.  For this reason, companies hire or elect recruiting or staffing firm to help through the pile of résumés they receive for any given job opening.

Following are the reasons that can establish better relationship between recruiters and jobseekers. It includes skills recruiters wish job seeker knew and they have:

  1. Keep all of your information up-to-date:

Job seekers need to keep their social profiles updated. It helps increase your best job opportunity and recruiter’s job is to find them.

  1. Show that you’re good fit for the job:

Recruiters make hiring decisions based on the soft skills – adaptability, thirst for knowledge etc. that is to tailor your skills that fit the qualification the employer wants. For this you need to have good knowledge about the company.

  1. Put your best foot forward- employer will hear you:

It is a wise step to make. Feel free to express yourself this becomes handy when employers use recruiting firms ( to fill their job openings, and they expect recruiters to screen for crucial information about job candidate’s attitude and work ethics.

  1. Set expectation up front:

Recruiters have mercy of the client and their timing. Job candidates normally expect quick feedback and follow-up, but little patience goes a long way in making experience stress-free. In this situation recruiters expect job candidates to be responsive.

  1. Know that recruiters have your interest at heart:

Candidates should treat their recruiters as trusted advisers.

This will genuinely help job seekers succeed, regardless of the fact that primary job of recruiter is to find talent for their clients (business houses or employers.)