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अझै बेरोजगार हुनका कारणहरु

" म अझै बेरोजगार, किन ?"
के यो प्रश्नले तपाइलाई हरेक क्ष्यन र हरेक स्तिथिमा असर पुर्याएको छ ?

“Why am I still unemployed?”

Does this question strike your mind? Well, probably from different ways you might have thought.

Here are some of the plain-text reasons you’re still unemployed.

  1. You can’t communicate

Try not to make the questioner crowbar data out of you. On the off chance that you can't impart well, you won't get utilized. In the event that you do happen, by some wonder, to get utilized, you won't keep going long.

  1. Your Attitude Stinks

You may appear to be having a self-important or for the most part terrible state of mind. On the off chance that somebody is not perky and positive, I will quickly end the meeting.

  1. You aren’t networking  enough

All employments nowadays are found through systems administration. In case you're applying through employment sheets, looking the web, relying on spotters or reacting to need advertisements… you're not doing what's necessary. Also, as I've said somewhere else, your resume is verging on pointless.

  1. You’re  “Shotgun” applying

Not only you but most of the people do that. They just apply on various jobs, even with 0% of the qualification. The rule of thumb is – if you don’t have at least 60% of the qualifications called for, don’t apply. You’re just wasting your time.

  1. You’re very overqualified

Someone having experience more than 10+years will be overqualified. It is better to consult or start your own business, than to apply for entry-level jobs.

  1. You interview poorly

We have met a couple people for an occupation we have open (office collaborator). While this is, truly, a lower-level position, I'm astounded and stunned at how inadequately individuals meeting. Biting gum, not dressing for the meeting, contending, and saying what you will and won't do are all meeting executioners?

  1. You’re asking too much money

Salaries are lower and everyone is tight these days. Don’t go asking for a large salary and tons of perks. Expectation and the company seeking might be huge difference. You might well have to bite the bullet and take much less to get off of the unemployment rolls.

  1. Your Job title has disappeared (or is endangered)

The title that you hold must have been disappeared and while Defense is currently a good industry though I suspect there will always be a market for things that kill and maim. Some jobs are being done by robots and others are being done by people already.

  1. Some other must be

  • You’re Depressed
  • You didn’t follow the directions in the posting
  • You missed an important piece of the interviewing process
  • You’re unprepared
  • You Yack too much

While a few people are long haul unemployed for reasons unknown, we can for the most part see a reason when somebody can't discover an occupation opportunities. The individuals who have an awesome state of mind and have possessed the capacity to beat sorrow, outrage and farfetched desires, will as a rule land in a rush.

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