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Basic Job Information
Location : Lalitpur
No. of vacancy : 10
views : 4430
Job category : Computers/Technology
job level : Senior Level
salary : 30,000+
qualification : Bachelors in Computer Sciences or CSIT or Similar Online/Offline courses.
experience : 2-4 Years
posted date : 2019-02-05
expiry date : 2019-02-19
Days left : Expired days
job descriptions
  • Applicants will be involved in various Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing or Recommendation Platform.
  • Done everything natively over cloud or edge using structured self-crunched data-sets incorporating various ML, DL based platforms.
  • Your responsibility will be to deploy the best possible optimizing solution to the given problem.
  • However, you shall be only focused on a single project with a mid-size team under your leadership. Your most radical ideas will be welcomed.


  • The candidate must have 10+ applications built (Private Projects or Otherwise) on either NumPy, PyTorch, Keras, Tensorflow with tools such as Sci-Kit Learn or BitFusion and  Programming Languages such as Python, Go or R is preferred with low-level knowledge of Node and MongoDB.
  • Practices across in-device inference and training libraries such as CoreML, Auto ML will be a plus point.
  • Equally important will be one's knowledge across the AI, ML, DL & RL community and research endeavorers.


  • Expertise over Regression algorithms SVM, Random Forest, Decision Tree, FF Neural Network and its fusions techniques should be familiar to you.
  • Also, the applicant should have a ground level ability to interoperate algebraic or Newtonian expression into the required solution.



job specification
  • Understanding of Mathematical Expressions better Other than Programmers.  
  • Understanding of Dynamic or OOP Programming better than Mathematicians.
  • Should have expert-level knowledge in Python or R.
  • Must be familiar with Training-over-Cloud.  
  • Should have a playful mind with libraries and frameworks such as Tensorflow, PyTorch and Keras. 
Apply Procedure

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