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How to satisfy employees and Bring the best out of them at work?

How to satisfy employees and bring the best out of them at work?

In every organization, the employees are a  company’s greatest asset they are the ones who work day and night for your business. So to keep that employees develop a sense of loyalty and attachment towards the organization which will promote them to work with dedication and sincerity. We have to keep the employee motivated to provide them with the best and make them feel an integral part of your company. Just as the success of a business depends on customer satisfaction the employee are the internal customers of an organization. Here are some ways to satisfy employees.

1. Be Flexible

The employee should not feel like being dictated and controlled so give them the freedom, autonomy,  and responsibility for their own time within the workplace. Nowadays employees have demanding schedules outside of work and many workers appreciate a boss who considers work-life balance. So, customized schedules are a great way to improve employee satisfaction.

2. Recognize Good Work

    Every employee wants to be praised for the work they are doing. So, work and performance both should be recognized and valued. Deploy recognition processes, whether that be a company-wide announcement, internal newsletter or through a staff meeting, to ensure hard work is celebrated even maybe a day’s additional holiday, a lie-in or gifts. Set hard but yet achievable targets employees can aim towards and strive for.

3. Create an Atmosphere of Growth

    The jobs should be more than just a way of earning money it should also be a platform to grow. Support your employee in striving for more and drive their career development. Investing in the employee by offering training, up-skilling, mentoring or coaching is proven to enhance their satisfaction and engagement with the business.

4. Communication

        In an organization, communication must be a high priority. Employees need to have regular communication and share ideas with their peers. A casual conversation or an online communication tool can be helpful. Communication should be a two-way process so adopt an open-door policy to invite feedback, questions and encourage a collaborative culture which makes them feel heard and their opinions respected.

5. Promote Good Health

    A healthy mind and body are key for more effective and efficient work.  And since every employee plays a vital role in running of a company smoothly, the organization can educate them on health issues, ensure the staff take regular breaks and annual leave, providing kitchen facilities and healthier food choices in office, promote the employee to join the gym or do a daily exercise at home.

6. Embed a Strong, Socialable Culture

     Friendship at work can improve the coordination and productivity of the employees. For that to happen the organization must create the environment for socialization and communication by organizing activities like team lunches, events, group projects or happy hours.

7. Give and Take Feedback

    The giving and taking the feedback can be beneficial for the company and for the employees. The employees crave for the feedback desperately to improve so one-on-one regular feedback once a month with each member for the company. The feedback for the employees can make the business better and might also give them new strategies.

8. Be Realistic with your Expectations

    The employees feel stress, pressure, and frustration when there is an unrealistic expectation from the organization. The organization must ask the employees to let them know if the expectation is too high which help the employees do not feel overworked or overwhelmed.