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Kumari The living Goddess



Nepal is the only country where a little girl, a child is worshipped as a living goddess. The only country where girls and her mystical powers are adored so much. Yes, it is our country.  A mesmerizing world of its own fame throughout the world as the land of the great mountain (Sagarmatha), the birthplace of Gautam Buddha and Sita, a country where there is unity in diversity and is famous for its numerous festivals and rituals. Among the festivals (Jatras) there is a very important one known as Kumari Jatra.

Kumari is the word for the virgin or married girl. Kumari is Nepal’s living Goddess. She is said to have eyes that can see the past and future. She is believed to manifest a powerful goddess who protects Kathmandu and watches over the country and its citizens. She has the power to cure illness, to remove obstacles in the way of happiness.

Now, how is Kumari selected that might be a common question in everyone’s mind?

For the selection of Kumari the priest is said to look for certain signs i.e. 32 lakshin, no birthmarks and soar and must belong to Shakya Community. She exhibits all superhuman patience and poise. She is selected as a Kumari at 3 or 4 years of age before she shows signs of reaching puberty. It seems unbelievable but it is said that the expression of Kumari shows various signs and the one who will be able to take a glance at her face, will be fortunate.

Kumari Pratha must be supported as it praises the patience, purity, power, strength, and poise of a lady. It shows no power is superior to women’s power.