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Increasing Impacts Of CoronaVirus.



This is the virus originated from one of the populated cities (with 11 million of residence) in China called as Wuhan. Coronavirus is basically caused by a virus named Novel Coronavirus, as 61 years old man checked into a hospital when his cough got worst. By the end of December, the doctors were concerned with the virus known as Coronavirus where markets were shut down in a new year day. After a week later the authority confirmed the first known death from this virus. In this devastating situation, China government stood forward to fight against this virus building 2500 square meter (30,000 sq. yd) Huoshenshan Hospital which is claimed to be completed within 6 days of duration.

        Coronavirus usually circulates among animals; most often bats and snakes. The common market on china sells different kinds of meets side by side, condition that can leads to a rear transmission from animal to humans. This virus is new as mutating quickly. This virus spreads to the different parts of Asia and now it is confirmed cases in France and the United States.

 According to National Health Commission at least 304 people in china were confirmed dead at the end of February 1, and thousands more were confirmed infected, bringing total to 14,380. For the first time, a person has died outside China due to Corona Virus. A 44-year-old man died in Philippines which was confirmed by WHO. 

  Talking about Nepal finally, Nepal Government has prepared to send 2 planes to bring back Nepalese students in China who are living in the Corona Virus affected region.