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Congratulations to the Winners!!!!

The much awaited results of Indra Jatra Quiz is finally out now. We sarted this quiz on the day of Indra Jatra i.e September 15, 2016. We posted a question for which the correct answer is: यन्या: देय (Yanndya).

In total 48 respondents answered it correctly and we had a choice to pick only two respondents as winner. In was a tough situation and we used a software to decide the winner so that there will be a fair competition. And finally we got out two lucky winner who won the movie ticket of the on going super-hit Nepali movie "Chhakka Panja" for this Saturday dated 24th September 2016.

The Final Winners are  Endra Dangol and Hisi Bajracharya. Congratulations for winning this contest.

Both of you can contact us for the movie ticket collection. Please call 9801178845 or 014464043 from 10AM-5PM on or before Friday 23rd September 2016.

Thank You so much all the other  participants for being a part of this contest. We are coming up with another such event for you all, please stay with us.