Jan 14, 2019

Pros of Onine recruiter over Paper ads

Tired searching of an effective medium to find and hire the best candidate?
Regardless of the fact that newspaper and magazine posts are still quite effective way
of announcing a vacancy, for maximum results you should BE WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE ARE, right?
Go through and decide for yourself:-
1.  Much more audience
The number of newspaper users is just a fraction of the internet users.
So, obviously use of an #ONLINE MEDIUM will make your piece of information spread much wider and faster.
2.  Global reach
By newspaper/ magazine posting, you’ll only be able to focus in a small and particular geographical location.
Whereas, by using online job portal website you can reach all over Nepal and even outside.
The plus point, all you need is an internet connection.
3.  Budget friendly
​Newspaper ads have word and size limits and will charge you extra for cases otherwise.
Even the paid marketing online is not so expensive as compared to popular papers 
which would cost you a bulk of money. Save money by switching to an effective and 
#modestly priced online recruiter & invest it in things that’ll be more fruitful for your business.
4.  Your bonus branding
Announcing vacancy on newspapers is just a notice. Variously, if you handle over your employee requirement
to a job portal company, it’ll improve your online & social media presence
(#Facebook, #LinkedIn, #Instagram, #Pinterest) reaching people who didn’t know about your business/ company before.
And that’s a two way profit for you.
If you’re a seeker, many employers will have an eye over you,
which is far better than applying for a single company the traditional way.
​5.  Target age groups
Nowadays teenage groups, youths, adults all the target age groups have an online presence
and use internet for #job search. On the other hand, number of paper reading population has been declining.
Old aged and retired groups are found to constitute highest percentage of regular paper readers.
So, if you want your info to reach the target, switch your medium whether it be hiring or job seeking.
6.  Easy error adjustments
​Though one would not be so careless in an official announcement, still we don’t know
when could we make a mistake. In case of newspaper and magazines once done, it’s over.
You cannot correct your error, add or customize it which is exactly the opposite
in case of digital media. You can change your designs, add information or fix your bugs
any instant you like. After all you own the post.
7.  You can say much in a post
An instance of a newspaper ad:-
WANTED:  Manager in Kalanki with 5 years of experience.
                    Attractive salary.
                    Apply to [email protected]
This ad neither oozes the personality you seeking nor entails all details of a job.
It gives no single hint about your company culture& workplace. Whilst by posting in a recruiter website,
you can highlight your company profile, clarify the job description and add real value to
interested potential applicants which will befit both parties.
Compare the difference yourself:
Which one was able to grab your attention faster? Well, you got our point!
Jobseekers want to envision themselves working for companies in a favorable and friendly environment.
Enable them by forming a good image of your company in their mind.
If you agree with us and want to switch to digital medium for both #HIRING and #FINDING A JOB,
check out on us once by clicking → Kumarijob-Premium job portal in Nepal

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