Common Career Myths

Common Career Myths

Srijana Simkhada     Feb 17, 2021
Career confusion can be overcome by debunking myths, understanding that success depends on finding a suitable fit, embracing career changes, and being adaptable to challenges in our professional paths.

Confused about your career?

Here at Kumari Job, we help you bust a few of the most common career myths. Let’s see what they are.

  • One perfect career.
  • Am I the only one confused about my career?
  • I have a lot of time.
  • Changing careers is equivalent to starting over.

One Perfect Career:
Well, no one has a perfect career. We are humans, and humans are imperfect, so how can we expect our careers to be perfect? The fact is there are many perfect jobs for you, which primarily depend on your position in life. Had it been one perfect career, you would have been the Hawking, Jobs, or Mozart of that career. The key to success is the concept of basic fit and there are numerous likely-to-fit careers for a lot of organized, competent, and bright people like us.

Am I the only  one confused about my career?
You should know that you are unique, which doesn’t mean you are entitled, and it is normal to be confused about your career, and your future. Why not be so confused, right? Hey, but the fact is, everyone is confused. There are tons and tons of people who are as concerned about their future careers as you are, and there’s nothing bad about it. This makes sense if loss is just the start of your research phase. This means you have started to think, and now the only thing remaining is: your action toward the goal.

I have much time:
Well, the statement is as incorrect as it may seem correct. People tend to fall into this trap, thinking they have time when, in fact, they don’t. As John Mark Green wrote in his poem, “Taste the Wild Wonder,"
“I blinked my eyes
and in an instant,
decades had passed.”
You can surely feel the weight of these words. The thing with time is that it’s an illusion. As true as it may seem, it’s a career mirage that leaves behind the scars of unfulfilled potential.

Changing careers is equivalent to starting anew:
There is nothing like one perfect career, and shifting your career from your present to something new is just an instance away. Believe it or not, changing your career doesn’t mean abandoning your present skill set. The next time you start your career, you are starting with experience, which is 10 times better than your competitor who just started.

The next set of myths will be busted in the days to come. Till then, wear a mask; good days are just around the corner.



Navigating career confusion requires debunking myths and recognizing that success is not about finding a perfect career. It's important to embrace career changes as opportunities for growth, rather than starting from scratch. Delaying action can lead to missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential. Being adaptable and proactive in shaping professional paths can lead to fulfilling and rewarding career journeys, despite uncertainties.


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