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Pitfalls to avoid at the workplace for shaping better career opportunities

How we choose to spend our professional life determines a great deal on how our career will shape up. However, being young and restless, and fresh out of college, we may make a few mistakes that can prove hazardous at the workplace and deprive us of opportunities.

Here are 5 pitfalls to avoid:


1. Wrong Timing 

Every office has certain timing. Most have an 8-9 hour working time make sure you adhere to yours. Even if your office has fun atmosphere try to be punctual. Unable to be on time you might be labeled as a lazy worker, and denied any big work assignments or promotions. 

2. Unspoken Office Rules

Your office may entertain you using social networking but, don’t overdo it. Avoid being on Face book all the time. Also do not use officer internet facilities to download movies or sleeping on the chair. Some companies monitor and report all their internet usage activity of employees to their reporting managers.

3. Official Communication

Send the right information signals. Stay connected and be in the loop and reply all the emails. Practice using emails to communicate inside the workplace helps you to electronically record of the communication and provide a reference when someone complains of you not doing your job.

4. Not Connecting

LinkedIn is the face book for the professional people. Use it join groups. Send emails to people asking them to connect. At work too, connect. It widens your channel of connection inside and outside the workplace. Meet people from the industry to gain confidence about the meeting and know what they say it will teach you lot.

5. Leaving For Money           

Money influences most of our decisions. But running after the money, will make you unhappy in the long run. Chase money, but originally enrich your skills be remarkable at what you do. Choose the best employers in your industry this will determine your personal brand. Send your name to the company that you truly can connect with. Your job description, designation, employers, prospective boss, future colleagues, on-the-job training, shall influence your career move.