How to get selected for a job?

Dec 23, 2020

Experts at Kumari Job just have the answer how to get selected for a job.

Just being called for an interview will not be enough to land you that position. Whether you get that position or not is now dependent upon your impression at this very interview. Why is this interview so important?

Well, Coco Chanel once said that in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. So, the interview is your chance. Scared?

Don’t worry, experts at Kumari Job just have the answer to your queries.

  • Dress Appropriately:

Give your attire some time and concern beforehand because 70% of interviewers will eliminate you for that dress you wear. Don’t treat your interview so casually, surf through the company culture, or ask for the dress code ahead of the interview. Put your attire in your arsenal which will set you apart in the interview.

  • Don’t hesitate to research about the company:

Let’s say, you showed up to an interview and the interviewer asks, “Why do you want to work with us? Imagine you paused for a minute, and now think what your interviewers might be thinking about your pause. This is going to be a huge reduction in the chances of your selection. Researching about the company will put up an image that you are inclined toward the job, prepare you for some of the most important questions, and what not put you in the good books of your interviewer.

  • Be Punctual:

No matter if it’s an interview or your daily life, punctuality is a magnificent trait of a decent human being. Being on time for an interview reflects your respect for the job, company and your interviewers. Punctuality also shows off your professionalism. The bottom line, being late for an interview means you aren’t certain to be punctual for the work.

  • Ask for the job:

You don’t want to show that you are ambiguous regarding your commitment to the job. The objective of you applying for the job and you showing up for the interview is that you want this job. Now, all you have to do is make sure that your message is conveyed to the interviewer. How? You have to say so while the interview lasts because nothing definite happens by chance.

  • Sound Confident:

By this, we mean prepare well for the interview. When you are fully prepared for the interview, you are robust, relevant, and accurate with your responses to the questions thrown upon you. No one wants to proceed with someone who isn’t concerned enough to prepare for an interview, let alone hire him/her.

In a nutshell, homework is required to land you your very next job. Once you've marked these points, you are a few steps ahead of your competition.

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