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How is the Corona Virus impacting our daily life?

How is the CoronaVirus impacting our daily life?

Nepal has been under full lockdown since March 24 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The nation has tested the sample of 6,299 in which there are 16 positive cases, 1 has got recovered and 99 are under isolation as for the 16th of April. However, PCR reports of those who had tested positive in the Rapid Diagnostic Test are yet to come. Health experts say the low number is because Nepal lacks resources for wider testing.

People’s day to day life has got impacted to a larger extent due to COVID-19; in such a way that there is a higher rate of unemployment, many have lost income, no schooling (except for some online classes). A poor person can’t even fulfill the basic need of food because of the lockdown which makes the situation even worse. Many exams have been postponed (Including SEE, +2 exams, and many other higher-level exams), due to which there is an impact on the student and their education. Many Nepali Culture and Festival got affected including (Ghode Jhatra, New Year) and many more. The availability of basic requirements in our Nepali community like (Rice, Dhal, Vegetables, etc.) are in question and also available goods are being sold at overprice. Also, people with health problems are facing a transportation problem and also they are afraid of going to the hospital which creates a risk to their lives.

Lastly, lockdown seems to be the ultimate solution to stop the widely spreading nature of this virus. Hence, be productive, stay home, stay safe and be a part of the solution and not a problem.