CV: What is a CV?

CV: What is a CV?

Jan 07, 2021

Curriculum Vitae is Latin for 'Course of Life' and hence a CV is a document that contains one's personal information, academic qualifications and career history.

What is a CV? Are they of different types? What are the types of CV?
We will today talk about curriculum vitae, commonly known as CV in short. This is going to be an insight about what a CV is, the types of CV and when to use which type of CV, before we dive into how to make a CV.

Curriculum Vitae is Latin for 'Course of Life' and hence a CV is a document that contains one's personal information, academic qualifications and career history. Experts at Kumari Job prefer to call CV as a marketing document which you will need to sell your abilities and skill and moreover yourself as a whole.
There are primarily five different types of CV which are widely used in various conditions over the span of one's career lifetime. Today, we will define just that.
- Functional/Skills-based CV:
Functional or Skill-based CVs are the very type of CV we as a fresher use to land ourselves that job. This CV emphasizes one's skills and expertise gained over time either through work experience or education. Achievements are also a crucial part of such a CV. While you make this kind of CV, you should rank your skills based on their importance and relevance to the job you are applying for. This type of CV is very helpful when you want to convince your employer when you have inadequate qualifications related to the post.

- Chronological CV:
Chronological CV or also known as the Traditional CV, are the one where you arrange your qualifications and work experiences sequentially based on their date from recent to old. Job seekers can also mention their personal interests so as to introduce themselves better to the employers. Chronological CVs are preferred by most employers and suited for job hunters. This kind of CV is mostly suitable for the candidates applying for promotions in the same company or in the same industry.

- Combination CV:
Combination CV is the CV which is the mixture of both Chronological and Skill-based CV. Such CV has skills and expertise followed by educational qualifications and then work experiences. This type of CV is mostly suitable for candidates who want to change their career fields and someone who wants to elongate their CV as a whole. Employers seek this type of CV for managerial and executive level posts.

- Creative CV:
When it comes to demonstrating your skills or grabbing the attention of employers while applying for the posts in creative fields like designing, brand consulting, marketing and media, Creative CVs are mostly preferred. Unlike traditional or functional CV, this type of CV is efficient to mention skill and practically demonstrate those skills with examples and attach appropriate links to the work done.

- Academic CV:
As the name suggests, Academic CVs are the type of CVs that is widely preferred for academic purposes where studied subjects, published papers, research details, undertaken projects’ expertise are important. This type of CV can also contain teaching experiences, professional associations, awards, grants and fellowships.

Well, these are the different types of CV used by different people in different fields. Now you know the types, stay tuned for tips to write a competent CV to attract potential employers.

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