4 most important things to keep in mind while building CV / RESUME

4 most important things to keep in mind while building CV / RESUME

Nov 25, 2018

Building CV and Resume is sometimes easy for some and often difficult for most. There are certain things one need to keep in mind and sound and look more professional. Here are the 4 most important thing one need to keep in mind while building CV/ Resume. 

CV / RESUME बनाउदा याद गर्नु पर्ने ४ वटा कुरा मुख्य कुराहरु !

Top 4 things to keep in mind while building your CV/ Resume !

  1. The length of CV / Resume (What pages is the appropriate number?)
    Most of the people might have heard or read somewhere that a CV/Resume shouldn’t be long or more than one pages. But it doesn’t work out when you have so much content and material to put in. If you have plenty of things to mention and want to let interviewer know more about you, without wasting any time include everything you want but keep in mind you do in such a way that it looks short, attractive and sweet. Include bullets or numbering if you want to list out.

    So just come out of the myth that CV/Resume should only be of one page and put in as much as content you want to pour in but make sure it has to be relevant.
  2. What is the most important part in a CV?
    Just keep in mind the thing that most employers or interviewers want to see is your “Job Experience”. They just want to know the places you worked, the roles you had in that position and that will give them a good idea how fit you are for the role they are offering. Hence, keep in mind Job Experience section should be profoundly made simpler and clearly understandable.
  3. Be honest, Keep everything real
    Most of the people often become carefree and include fake skills and experiences. They might not know the consequences that will occur later. Once they face an interview they get questioned by the interviewer. Let’s say even if they mention fake skills and experiences and somehow manage to pass the interview and if they get selected they are likely to face a huge problem.

    They will face a huge problem when they are assigned a specific task related to their skills and experiences if they have mentioned the fake ones. Hence it is always important to keep in mind that the contents of CV / Resume should always be real.
  4. Before sitting down to make a CV/Resume, Make sure you see the samples and formats
    Making CV with good formats are very necessary. Hence make sure you surf the Internet and look for resume sample, cv format, cover letter sample etc to make it easier for you.

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