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Web Development Training

Course details:

Web development refers to the work involved in developing, creating and maintaining a website or web application for the internet as well as intranet. Simply, it’s a process of presenting and broadcasting the data and information into the website with various designs which can be accessed through internet.

Web development training course provides the knowledge on different approaches and basic techniques in writing codes or program which creates a website or a web application. It generally refers to non-design aspect of developing websites which includes coding and writing markup. However, web development involves all the process about developing a website and launching it. Thus web development course comprises of web design, web programming and web hosting. Web development training course is also known as website development training.


• From basic level to intermediate,
• To make you capable of developing web,
• Focus on skills and job-based training needed to start a career as a web developer,
• To be able to learn and implement various development strategies and tools,
• Teach the students to implement and integrate various components with web development,
• Enable students to develop and generate dynamic contents,
• Teach students to create API & work with various APIs,
• Create CMS to manage content and database,
• Provide the understanding of the principles of creating an effective web page and web application,


Who can join the course?

• Candidates who want to develop career in web tech & anyone interested in web developing.



• The trainee should have basic computer skills and knowledge.