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Advance Excel

Course details:

Microsoft Excel is most common platform from basic to advanced level to perform calculations, data storage, data analysis and organization, report generation and complex statistical computation. All most all the organization uses Excel for data analysis.

So Students and Professionals must have knowledge about advanced feature of Excel for enhancing their analytical skills and strategic decision making ability. Through this training, we are aiming to make trainees familiar with advance MS-Excel features that are useful in performing complex business operations and overall management functions. As there are new features introduced in Microsoft Office 2013, we will guide you on using the latest features.”



The main objective of this training is to enable the trainees to use advanced features in Microsoft Excel. The objectives are highlighted as:

  • To use the advanced features of Excel using Microsoft Office version 2013 and newer versions.
  • To improve efficiency in day to day work.
  • To use scenarios, goal seek, what-if, pivot table for data analysis.
  • To present the data in an effective way using spark lines, dynamic charts, pivot charts and dashboards.
  • To simplify and streamline common tasks.


Being an advanced level course, this course obviously desires familiarity with basic knowledge about functions and operations in Microsoft Excel. A familiarity with basic computer operation is also required before enrolling in Advanced Excel Training.
However, this course is also self-sufficient for novice and intermediate Excel users.