Recruitment Service

In order to identify and support organizations with the right candidate, Kumari Job applies extensive recruitment techniques from various sources.

The term Executive Search or Head hunting refers to the search of senior and decisive positions in an organization like Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Sales Manager, IT Manager, Marketing Manager etc. which are difficulty to find.

Since we have a dedicated team of IT recruiters, Recruitment Officers and CV- sourcing officers, we thus assure to provide with our quality candidates, CV’s as well as services.

First let’s see our procedure:

Headhunting Services refer to the search and placement of Senior, decisive and every position required as per the need of the organization. Example: General Manger, CEO, IT manager etc

Why Kumari Job Over other (HR services)?

  1. We have more than 58,000+ CV’s in our database to access as well as more than 100+ unique CV’s & candidates daily
  2. Unique Screening process of employee (such as telephonic interview, one to one interview, personality check, skills check).
  3. Commitment to fulfill requirements in given time frame.
  4. Closing of Higher positions like CFO, Finance head, Sales head, Account manager, IT personnel in Big conglomerate companies within given time frame in the past.
  5. Team of top recruiters.

Some of our happy client

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