Name: Worldlink Communications Pvt. Ltd Address: Dhobighat
Industry: Internet/Software Website:
Job Location : Inside Valley
No. of vacancies : 6
Viewed : 900 times
Experience : 1 Year
Job category : Electronics Items
Job type : Full Time
Job level: Entry Level
Salary : Negotiable
Educational qualification : Sub - Overseer/ Leve2 passed
Posted date : 2018-06-08
Expiry date : 2018-06-13
Days left : Expired


    • A Preventive Maintenance Checklist of Repeater/POP/CSN/Branch/Reseller.
    • B New Installation of Repeater/POP/CSN/Branch/Reseller.
    • C Electrical wiring at require locations.
    • D Troubleshoot of Power related work in Repeater/POP/Branch/Reseller.
    • E Survey at Planning site for Electrical Backup system.
    • F Phone support to Repeater/POP/CSN/Branch/Reseller staff.
    • G Providing Earthing system for all Electrical system.
    • H Tuning, fitting, accessing  RF devices as require.
    • I Collect Record of Electrical Equipment and Accessories from various sites of certain area.
    • J Daily Activities Report to Senior Assistance and Assistance Supervisor.


    • Sub - Overseer/ Leve2 passed    
    • Atleast 1 year experience
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