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Basic Job Information
job location : Kathmandu
No. of vacancy : 1
views : 1155
Job category : Engineering/Construction
job level : Senior Level
salary : As Per Organization's Rule
qualification : Bachelor's Degree/Master
experience : Minimum 3 years of experience in related field
posted date : 2019-08-19
expiry date : 2019-08-27
Days left : Expired days
job descriptions
  • Managing and planning the construction project
  • Designing the project structures and hydraulic systems
  • Surveying the construction site and providing a detailed report on how to carry out the project and its consequences  
  • Liaising with local authorities, municipal councils, environmental agencies and statutory authorities and government departments on the requirements and implications of the construction
  •  Ensuring Occupational Health & Safety compliance on site
  • Arm subordinate staff with relevant information on construction
  • Advising the workers on the construction process and addressing their concerns
  • Solving construction problems as soundly as possible
  • Keeping Management and relevant stakeholders informed of progress including possible impediments to construction works
  • Conducting surveys on the sites where the construction is to take place
  •  Acting as the quality control and assurance to ensure that the project objectives are met
  • Budget for the project within an estimated cost
  • Obtaining the construction materials and verifying them
job specification
  • Critical thinking abilities, to enable one to integrate enormous amounts of information to design systems that prevent problems
  • Must also be quick, decisive problem-solver as time is money in the construction business
  • Strong quality management and process improvement
  • Well-developed coaching, supervisory and people management skills
  • Strong project management leadership and skills
  • Project budgeting development and cost management