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Basic Job Information
Location : Kathmandu
No. of vacancy : 1
views : 2695
Job category : Overseas Company
job level : Senior Level
salary : 800000-1000000
qualification : Bachelor's Complete
experience : 10 years or more working experience
posted date : 2020-09-10
expiry date : 2020-11-07
Days left : Expired days
job descriptions

Krishna Consultants (KC Overseas), a pioneer in overseas education, with global tie-ups and national presence, is a one stop solution for overseas education needs of any student aspiring for global career. KC Overseas has set their vision 2023 and aims to expand its operations exponentially as a part of vision 2023. As a part of restructuring KC overseas would be appointing Regional Managers to ensure that the services of KC Overseas are available to all parts of India.

Role Details of Regional Manager:

Regional Manager would be a general management position for a particular region. Regional Manager would be a key liaison point between all the field staff (branches/ franchisees/partner associates) and Headquarters to ensure that all the student needs are served with consistent quality befitting the reputation of KC Overseas. Following would be key responsibilities of the Regional Manager:

Manage all the field offices (branches / franchisees / associate partners) for an end to end process of student walk-ins to conversions. The Regional Manager would have specific targets of students conversion from given region.

The role incumbent would have to carry out the following activities to set up the region:

  • Thoroughly understand the business model and SOPs expected from the field office.
  • Field visit to understand the current status of the field offices.
  • Discuss with Head office and HR about how best to organize the region and detail out what specific help would be needed from the Head Office (HO).
  • Understand the expectations and problems of Business Units (Units that specialise in specific countries) and field offices with each other and set up an operational framework in consultation with HO.

Ensure process efficiency for the entire process of students walk-ins to students conversion. This would involve:

  • Regular reviews of field offices to identify bottlenecks and ensure that quality of service and speed does not suffer.
  • Ensure that student facing field staff are adequately trained on the relevant knowledge and SOPs.
  • Hiring right quality people in the field wherever required.

Coordinate with Business Units in HO to ensure that field offices get adequate support – Each Business Unit in HO is responsible for a set of countries where they have specialised knowledge right from Universities, their admissions requirement to visa regulations. RM has to liaison with each of the Business Unit and their Subject

Matter Experts (SMEs) to ensure that adequate knowledge is available to the field offices to efficiently serve the students they are targeting.

Plan and execute the regional marketing activity in coordination with Head of Marketing at HO: This would involve helping marketing office with ground level support at each region and also helping marketing function plan better based on region’s own particular needs.

Position Linkages:

The position would closely work with the following:

  • Field offices - as an operational head of region.
  • Business Units – to ensure that field offices understand the needs of the Business Units better and Business Units serve the field offices better to ensure a great experience for target students.
  • HR – for manpower planning needs and hiring right people
  • Marketing – To plan and execute the marketing activities in the region
  • Operations in HO – for all backend processes including visas
  • Senior Leadership – Update about regional performance and take strategic guidance.

Position challenges:

  • KC overseas is rolling out regional structure for the first time. The incumbent would be involved in decentralising some of the processes which is currently handled only centrally.
  • Position requires high energy individual who can balance the needs of HO and field offices.
  • Position would requires significant travel to ensure that the field offices operate smoothly.

Career prospects for the position:

  • This is a general management position which includes managing the region independently. This role grooms a professional for an independent P&L role.
  • The incumbent would have an exposure to the wide field of overseas education and a learning opportunity by interacting with professionals representing leading international universities.
  • Based on the performance and orientation of the incumbent, the incumbent can grow into one of the following roles in the future:
  • Head of Operations in HO
  • Head of a particular Business Unit responsible for a country
job specification
  • High energy professional preferably with the experience of dealing in overseas education or allied field. Desired total experience would be about 10-12 years.
  • Ability to collaborate with diverse set of people.
  • Ability to learn the domain knowledge.
  • Proven people management ability to manage field staff
  • Good communication skills
  • Eye for details and patience to monitor and manage operations.