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Basic Job Information
job location : Nepalgunj
No. of vacancy : 1
views : 1538
Job category : Fashion/Vogue/Trend
job level : Senior Level
salary : 40 K
qualification : Bachelor
experience : Minimum 3 years of work experience
posted date : 2020-02-10
expiry date : 2020-02-17
Days left : Expired days
job descriptions
  • Mall Managers coordinate operations in large commercial facilities.
  • Their responsibilities include directing staff, collecting fees, solving complaints, overseeing maintenance, preparing financial reports, updating records, negotiating contracts, and approving marketing campaigns.
job specification
  • Handle the day to day operations in the Mall ensuring operations are kept up to the highest quality standards in order to meet all tenant and customer requirements.
  • Coordinate mall team and contractor employee works to oversee daily operations incl. maintenance, security & cleaning, pest control, waste collection, mall administration and customer service
  • Conduct tenant orientation meetings for the entire Mall, covering emergency procedures, communication systems and other security procedures relating to the tenants of the Mall.
  • Maintain a strong working relationship with all important Municipal Emergency services including Police, Civil Defense, and Fire & Para Medic Services.
  • Identify & inform Management of any Health & Safety risk related to the Mall building that may affect employees, contractors & the general public.
  • Manage tenant shops operational compliance (i.e. shop appearance, merchandise, trading hours, waste removal, signage, etc.) through regular audits, surprise visits, etc. Rectify any non-compliance through official warning, lease contractual penalties, as required
  • Ensure mall operating policies & procedures are duly followed by the tenants, service providers, contractors, etc. incl. Occupational Health & Safety standards
  • Complete a daily report of vehicular traffic and other issues & provide a summary on a weekly basis to the Management of the mall.
  • Implement cost cutting program with planned targets and improving efficiencies in all operational areas.
  • Maintain high-quality property standards through daily checks and periodic preventive maintenance (i.e. cleanliness, AC level, lighting, assets & equipment) and security control for mall premises incl. parking, service areas, toilets and other common areas
  • Supervise, guide and mentor the Mall Operations team reporting into and take full responsibility in identifying potential talent and timely supporting professional development.
  • Develop clear understanding about sales/turnover for shopping mall tenants. Collect tenant sales reports in timely manner for management reporting and decision-making
  • Ensure timely payments collection from tenants (rents, charges, deposits) and payables towards service providers and suppliers for mall operational activity (maintenance, cleaning), ensuring all invoices within the operating budget authority levels are presented and approved, coordinating with finance and management for correct authority levels
  • Perform annual review of retailer performance. In consultation with mall management and country management, recommend appropriate tenant mix/use for annual planning and implementation
  • Maintain up-to-date records and documentation for both mall-related (i.e. insurance, completion certificates, approvals) and tenant-related (i.e. lease contracts, trade licenses, insurance, approved drawings, permits, etc.)
  • Handle all conflicts and dispute situations amongst tenants, customers, mall visitors with help of security, in a smooth manner avoiding any disruption to mall operations