General Finance Limited

General Finance Limited

General Finance Limited (Bittiya Sanstha) was incorporated under the Finance Company Act 2042 and Company Act 2021. GEFL (BS), came into existance its operations from 18th Magh, 2052 B.S with an objectives of providing full fledge integrated financial services intermediary destined to provide the best competitive and modern banking services to its customers.

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Current Vacancies:  

Job Position : Head - Finance/ Account / Treasury Officer

job location
: Chabahil, Kathmandu

no. of vacancies
: Few

: Minimum 2 years for CA and 3 years for Semi-CA

job category
: Accounting\Finance

job type
: Full Time

job level
: Mid Level

: Negotiable

educational qualification
: CA Qualified or Semi-CA Qualified

posted date
: 2017-07-13

expiry date
: 2017-07-20

days left
: Expired

  • Ensure all processes are adequately documented and controlled and that they are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure they remain effective.
  • Manage all provisions and contingent liabilities.
  • To identify opportunities for costs savings and release of provisions.
  • To identify and monitor balance sheet issues arising from regular quarterly reporting.
  • To prepare realistic and appropriate budget.
  • To be up-to-date with the financial standing and take care of all financial
    management tasks.
  • To support the Finance Office in raising funds and maintaining good relationships with
  • Implementing and managing the treasury bank accounts and payment procedures
  • Implementing financial plans
  • Managing cash assets.
  • Maintaining the Treasury General Ledger and recording transactions according to budget classification and accounting rules compliant with internationally accepted standards and principles.
  • Providing regular reports on the implementation of the State’s budget and other financial matters for the Ministry of Finance.
  • Must have good knowledge of accounting system and how it works.
  • Candidate with experience in related field shall be preferable.
  • Knowledge about computer and accounting software
  • Must be energetic, hardworking and  goal oriented.
  • Candidate with ability to adapt to the given situation are encouraged to apply.

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