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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

By registering, you are able to apply for number of job vacancies posted in kumarijob.

Registration process at kumarijob is quiet easy. You just need to sign up for a new account by filling in the form completely with your full name, a valid email id, mobile number, preferred job category and password. Then after, click “Create my Account”. Finally click the link that is send to you on email for the confirmation of registration.

Username is a valid email id and Password is the set of characters which provides access to an account. The username and password are your login credential to your kumarijob.com resume account. With the username/ password, you can login to your profile/ Account for managing your resume as well as to apply any job circulation.

Any profile is more appealing when a person’s face is associated with it. Profile with photos beside them is seven times more likely to be clicked than entries without photos.

• Firstly, go to edit profile • Secondly, click on profile picture • Finally, select your photograph and save it

• Firstly, go to Profile • Then after, click change password • Finally, confirm you current password, enter your new password twice and click change password.

Steps to recover your password • Click “Forget Password” given in the “Sign up” box. • Enter your login email id and clicks submit. You will receive an email with password reset link.

No, it doesn’t cost anything to register you with kumarijob. It is totally free to register, search, apply and get jobs.

Profile completeness is shown in the percentage after you login to your account in your profile.

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