Resume Service

Guess what? Our service is not just limited to Premium, Hot and Recent Job postings. We present you Resume service. An incognito mode to your hiring procedure.

Why Resume Service?

Resume service is a special feature presented by Kumari Job where you can hire the most eligible candidate and not get disclosed. See what we have to offer you within this service.

  • Access the huge pool of CV present in our database.
  • Your very own advanced dashboard.
  • Customize your search as you look through the CV.
  • Shortlist candidates and set interviews on the go.
  • Add notes as you shortlist and confirm interview dates.
  • Get an overall insight of your work so far.
No. of CV Days Amount
50 3 Days 5000/- only
100 5 Days 10000/- only
150 5 Days 15000/- only
200 5 Days 20000/- only
5000/- only
Need to talk to one of our experts ? give us a call +977-980-1178851
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