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SEBAC Nepal was established in Achham District in 1997. It has been working in the far-western districts in community development and social transformation since its establishment. Affiliated with the social welfare Council (SWC) in 2002, the NGO has emerged as a dedicated and functioning national level organization and is now expanding in around 20 districts of the country.

Working areas:

Currently, we are working in 23 district of the country. This includes one district from Eastern Development Region, two from Central Development Region, one from Western Development Region, ten from Mid-Western Development region and nine from Far-western Development Region.

Working theme:

  • Health, water Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Livelihoods and Natural Resources Management
  • Governance and Peace Building
  • Climate Change

Working approach:

We abide by the country’s constitution and our own activities are governed by our bylaws. Our administrative and financial affairs are conducted under the respective bylaws. We strongly abide by advocacy, gender, HIV/AIDS and child protection policies.


Internal governance and management

The organization is governed by the decisions made by executive committee, management committee and program management teams. These committees abide by country’s constitution, bylaws, policies and guiding principles of the organization while making such decisions.

Likewise, Senior Management Team (SMT) led by executive director takes decision for overall program planning, coordination and quality assurance in operation and project management team makes decision for overall planning , activity operation and management  under SMT’s monitoring. All staffs and executive members have an equal obligation to comply with organizational constitution, bylaws, policies and principles in every operational action and decisions they make. We have an independent auditor’s team to conduct financial auditing and offer feedback to the management. And more importantly, we are sensitive to issues of transparency, accountability, financial management, gender and social inclusion (GESI) and strong compliance with policies, guidelines and bylaws.

Existing policies and guidelines

We abide by the following policies, guidelines and by laws while carrying out our programs, Constitution common codes of conduct, administrative rules, office running guidelines,

Internal audit, human resources development policy, HIV/AIDS policy, gender policy, advocacy, policy, child protection policy, monitoring and evaluation policy and conflict management policy among others.

Human Resource

To make its program effective and result oriented SEBAC Nepal has equally focused on a vital aspect of human resource management. We have around 248 staff members who are appointed on the basis of professional experiences and academic merits. While doing so, care is taken to ensure equal representation of all castes and ethnicities. The members of the marginalized and deprived communities are given priority. Our executive board also includes members of these communities and is as inclusive as possible.


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