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Jobs after BBA & Salary in Nepal

Scope of Jobs after BBA & Salary in Nepal

BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) course is a 4-years professional undergrad course whose popularity has ramped up among students. The program includes a concentration in areas like marketing and sales, accounting, finance, economics, human resources, entrepreneurship, etc. The program not only helps pursue the MBA post-graduation but also acts as a cornerstone for career progression into the corporate world. In the context of Nepal, most of the students are intrigued to choose BBA as it expands the different opportunities in the future. Thus, the scope of jobs after BBA and salary in Nepal is endless.

Jobs and Career Options After BBA

After completing the BBA course, you will be able to develop strong business skills to shine in various industries, including banking, the corporate sector, I/NGOs, MNCs, IT Companies, startups, and much more. The opportunities don’t limit to this, it also helps to enhance your entrepreneurial skills, in case you want to start your venture. Many undergraduates still aren't aware of the various options they might take to pursue a business-related career.

Top List of Jobs after BBA

Many undergraduates still aren't aware of the various options they might take to pursue a business-related career. Here is the top list of jobs after BBA :

Accountant: BBA graduates can work as Accountants for different natures of organizations. The main role of an Accountant is to help an organization make critical financial decisions. 

Business Marketer: Marketing is one of the preferable jobs in Nepal for BBA graduates. If you want to be a good marketer, then you need to focus on skills like communication, customer service, management, positive attitude, negotiation skills, and so on. Be it for the product or service sector, marketers need to do market research, make strategies and execute them accordingly. 

Human Resource Manager:  BBA Graduates can easily apply to Human Resource Department. As an HR, you will be responsible for managing the team, the recruitment process, managing payroll, providing training, and many more. 

Banking and Finance: Working as a Banker is the most secure job after BBA in Nepal. To get into the banking world, BBA grads must match the minimum qualifications, and complete their written examinations and interviews.

Entrepreneur: The BBA program emphasizes providing knowledge and skills for starting a new venture. As the BBA program provides a series of skills, it helps BBA graduates to explore and start a business on their own. 

Likewise, there are other jobs after BBA  as well that includes Advertising and PR, Digital Marketer, Event Management, Financial Advisor, and many more. 

An Overview of Jobs after BBA and Salary in Nepal 

In the early 1990s Nepal drive towards economic liberalization, which has been heavily geared toward boosting employment and growth. With this, the competitive business market has a high demand for skilled and qualified candidates.

BBA being one of the professional courses provides an array of career options in different industries. It has been witnessed that, many aspirants successfully grab the best jobs after BBA in Nepal with lucrative salary packages. 

The salary in Nepal of BBA graduates is determined by the job profile and thereafter increases in accordance with the student's skills and performance. Initially, the BBA graduates can start their career with Internships. With the rise in demand for a skilled workforce, most companies offer paid internships followed by permanent hirings. Here’s the table showing the Salary in Nepal for BBA Graduates :

Experience Salary
Internship  Paid/Unpaid (Depends on the company)
Freshers 15K -18K
1 Year 18K - 22K 

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