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Job Vacancy in Nepal for Freshers

Job Vacancy in Nepal for Freshers

Job Vacancy in Nepal for Freshers is an opportunity for fresh graduates to enter the workforce and start their careers without any experience. According to the most recent study by World Bank, Nepal has reached the highest rate of job creation in South Asia, with an employment rate of roughly 68%. Entering the job market as a fresher might be challenging, especially when you are in dilemma to choose the right career path. Since everyone has to start their career at some point, you can start with internship programs that teach you the skills and knowledge to enter the competitive job market in Nepal. 

Types of Job Vacancy in Nepal for Freshers 

The demand for skilled manpower in Nepal is increasing day by day. First of all, you need to be clear about, which career path to choose and look for the skills and opportunities that are highly in demand. There are many job vacancy in Nepal for freshers available in different sectors. That includes : 

Sales & Marketing: A career in sales and marketing is an exciting and rewarding one. It provides you with the opportunity to work in a variety of different industries, on a range of different projects. Sales and marketing professionals are often required to work in teams, so it's important to be able to communicate effectively and work well as part of a team. You'll also need patience, creativity, and excellent problem-solving skills.

Customer Service Representative: CSR is one of the highly demanded Job Vacancy in Nepal that requires skills like communication skills, basic computer skills, problem-solving skills, negotiation skills, etc. The best part of starting a career in CSR is it will help you grow in your professional life. 

Banking and Finance: Banking and Finance jobs s one of the most secure jobs in Nepal. You can start your banking career by first getting an internship. Freshers usually want to start their career in the banking sector as it includes different departments that will sharpen the overall skills required for the banking and finance sector. 

Information Technology: The world is advancing rapidly toward a technological age with this IT students can purse for a bright future.There are many jobs available for freshers in IT Sectors like software industry, financial institutions, Health, corporate organizations etc. 

Digital Marketing: Digital marketing jobs in Nepal have been booming over the past few years. Most of the industry expects, marketers, to possess knowledge of digital marketing. Digital Marketing can be a good career start for freshers in Nepal. 

Tips for Freshers 

To start a career you need to focus on a few things before entering the job market. Here are some of the tips for freshers to kickstart their career: 

  • Decide what you want to do 
  • Enhance your skills
  • Create a strong resume 
  • Build a strong Network 
  • Research before applying for jobs 

How to find a Job Vacancy in Nepal for Freshers through Kumari Job?

If you are looking for a job opportunity to start a career, explore Kumari Job to find the most recent job vacancy in Nepal for freshers. We at Kumari Job help to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. To apply for jobs, follow these 3 easy steps:


1. How to get a Fresher’s Job in Nepal?

 - You can search for freshers jobs in job portals like Kumari Job 

2. What is the salary for Freshers?

-The basic salary for freshers starts from 15,000 per the labor law.

3. How can I apply for Fresher’s Job from Kumari Job?

To apply for jobs, follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Register as Jobseeker 
  • Search for Fresher Jobs in Nepal 
  • Apply for the job

4. What types of jobs are available for freshers?

-There are many job vacancies for freshers available in different sectors such as Banking and Finance, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, Digital Marketing, Customer Service, etc. 

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