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बिहान अबेरसम्म सुत्न पाउने जगिरहरु

1. Copywriter

A day in an ad agency usually starts post noon. Creative people are known to have erratic styles and schedules of working; their muse is not really a morning person. A creative quirky mind is what you need to survive in an ad agency. Also, be prepared for late night hours (which you might not resent, considering your night owl status), brainstorming blocks, and hard-to-please clients. The pros, apart from flexi hours, include a chilled out work environment, company of like-minded smart asses, and creative freedom.

2. Freelancer

This is what you do when you can’t get up early, can’t get out of your pajamas, are in the habit of munching every half hour, and can’t concentrate for more than 7 minutes. You follow your body clock, work while lying in bed or basking in the winter sun. There are many professions that can be taken up on freelance basis. Consultancy, copywriting, writing, editing, marketing, web development, website designing are some of the many options to choose from.

The only downside can be boredom. Working alone is not always fun, especially if your social life is not exactly like Kim Kardashian’s. There could be times when the only person you see in the entire day is yourself, in the mirror. The opportunities for learning and professional growth are better when you are surrounded by people in the same field.

3. Bartender

That one’s obvious. Who drinks in the morning? Sleep, play, hang out with friends during the day, and tend the bar till the music dies down. Bartending is an art. A good bartender knows his liquor and his customers. There only downside? You might get tired of the late hours. You might get bored of the loud music, freely flowing alcohol, skimpily dressed beautiful ladies…er… no, what’s wrong with you?

4. DJ

Know your music; know your technology; know your crowd. A DJ’s job is to play music that best suits his audience and the occasion. You can work in discotheques, lounges, hotels, or on project basis for weddings, birthday bashes and private parties. It would be a good idea to work in any of the metropolitan cities or in party hubs like Goa.

5. Pastry Chef

A surprise entry in our list, pastry chefs usually work till late in order to make fresh pastries available the next morning. There are various baking courses available to choose from. As a pastry chef, you could be hired by a plush hotel, a fancy restaurant, a cozy bakery shop, or you could open your own pastry house. The profession pays well, both in money and gastrointestinal terms.

6. Journalist

Most print journalists work late hours, preparing stories to be sent out to press the next day. The usual working hours for evening shifts are 4pm to midnight or later. This could be a convenient arrangement which gives one plenty of time to have a long healthy breakfast, go to the gym, soak in the sun, and perhaps go shopping too. But a journalist’s job is far from easy – long working hours, running around to get stories (if you are a reporter), and spending hours on the desk (if you are a desk editor) are just some of the many challenges.

Early to bed and early to rise has been drilled into our heads as the key to a healthy life, but do old maxims really hold true for our evolving bodies and schedules? What are important are adequate hours of sleep. In fact, a study by scientists from University of Westminster has revealed that stress hormone levels are higher in those who get up before 7 am! So take up a career that allows you to sleep all you want.

The pay: Varies depending on how much work you manage to get and how easily you can get it done.

(Source: and Digital View)