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GOVERNMENT JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT : National Information Technology Center/ सरकारी कर्मचारीको आवस्यकता:

Government job is among the most sought job vacancies in Nepal because of its wide range benefits and facilities.
Hereby brought is a very fresh, recent vacancy announcement in National Information Technology Centre, Nepal.
You can find out all the details below:-


National info tech centre vacancy.pngNITC vacancy.png



Source: Gorkhapatra Dainik,8th January 2019

Above mentioned positions in english:-
  • Director
  • Computer Engineer
  • Executive officer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Electrical Technician
  • Computer Technician
  • Non-gazzetted class two officer


(An extra note for your convenience)

Things to always keep in mind before applying for any job:-

  • Do not make the blunder of submitting an incomplete application. 
    Apply with an impressive cover letter and resume; if possible attach your portfolio too.
  • Always keep  in mind the instructions pre-mentioned by the company.
  • An application form and CV with any blank rows and columns is not considered as a good one.
  • If you mention someone as your reference, be certain that you inform them and
     take permission  prior your application submission. 
    They should be people who know your work and good characteristics.
  • Always follow up with a good message with the company or your interviewer 
    whether or not you’re shortlisted. That’ll make your impression stand out and
    ​ may give you advantage in future.

We hope you’ll grab the opportunity and wish for your best. 
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