2019 BANK VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT at SIDDHARTHA BANK / सिद्धार्थ बैंकमा विभिन्न पदको लागि रोजगारको अवसर!!
As banking industry is of ever growing and ever demanding nature, many new job opportunities in Nepal are emerging nowadays.
As always, we bring you updates on recent bank vacancies in Kathmandu as well as outside. 
Have a look at the recent (bank vacancies in 2019) VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT OF SIDDHARTHA BANK 

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As you’re applying for a bank job, we thought following tips for bank interview might come handy.

Give it a minute.
 Sample questions and answers that’ll prepare you for a bank interview:
  1. Why do you decide to be a banker?
    I have always been fascinated by the financial world, am ambitious, hard-working 
    and can bring great value to your value to your company making use of my knowledge 
    and skills in .................( your knowledge and skills).
    What interviewer seeks in your answer:- Motivating factors for the job and your personal insight on it.
  2. Why do you think our bank is a good fit for your skills?
    I am motivated to work for the same goals that the company shares. After going through the job description,
    I feel my skills in .............. and previous experience of handling ................. is exactly 
    what the company is looking for.
    What interviewer seeks in your answer:- Your skill set match, loyalty to company.
  3. How would you deal with an angry customer?
    I will try to understand their expectation, listen to their complaints and ensure their satisfaction by
    finding the best solution of their problem without harming company policies.
    What interviewer seeks in your answer:- Interpersonal skills
  4. What do you think are the most important qualities for this position (position you’re applying for)?
    This one will differ according to your position.
    What interviewer seeks in your answer:- Clear mindset, your understanding of job analysis,
     your readiness to ask questions for clarification.
  5. If a customer is not convinced to purchase our service, how would you convince them?
    By analyzing their lifestyle and current requirement, I’d try to prove how our bank services can best fit them.
     I would highlight on their personal added value that our bank can give them.
    What interviewer seeks in your answer:- Sales abilities, how convincing you can be
  6. How would you handle a situation in which a customer has gone through some trouble due to bank’s fault?
     For instance; wrongly charged for a withdrawal, dysfunction of ATM, etc.
    I’d outline bank policies and proper reconciliation of matter after giving customer adequate time to state
     their problem. I’d provide them enough support to solve whole matter showing we’re there for help as well as
     assure such mistake will not repeat again.
    What interviewer seeks in your answer:- Patience/ calmness, problem solving skills, customer support skills.
    (Have clarity and be confident in your answers.)
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