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Kumari Job concludes recreational trip to Pokhara.

Rejuvenation and Recreational tours are more than what you can ask for in a company, but here in Kumari Job; Recreational tours are conducted once a while which makes being a part of Kumari Job is a delightful experience. This time around, a refreshment outing was much needed to solace the impact of the pandemic and the tireless effort to bridge job seekers with the appropriate jobs. And just to appreciate our hard work, we were treated to a trip to Pokhara last weekend.

The day started a bit different than usual Fridays because the news about the trip had just been shared a day before and everyone was doing their job yet preparing for the trip. We were set to head out at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon that day. The vehicle was delayed due to traffic, so and such, but we hit the road at around 2:45 p.m.

The 6 hours of the road trip weren’t as harsh as it used to be, rather the time just flew by. Maybe because it was the first trip out of the valley in the span of 10 cruel months of the pandemic, or maybe because we knew it was going to be a well-spent weekend, or maybe because we knew how to make a long trip joyous despite the discomfort. No matter the reason, the warm welcome at the hotel was the cherry on the top for that day. Well, to our surprise the day wasn’t anywhere near its end. Once we were freshened up for our dinner, to our astonishment a barbecue party awaited us prior to the dinner. The party was followed by drinks, barbecue, music, and dance. We even dance in our rooms just before we called it a night which was quite strange because we had just danced till our toes hurt just before. Well, who cares? We were there to enjoy and we were enjoying the trip to the fullest.

The following day was filled with a lifetime experience for many of us. Why? That day we were set to soar in the sky and see what it's like to be a bird. Many of you have guessed it correct, We waited the whole day to get the birds’ eye view of the majestic mountain range and the heavenly beauty of Pokhara valley. We couldn’t see the mountains properly due to the unpleasant weather. I wouldn’t complain and neither would my colleagues because we were flying. Wish we could explain what it felt like to fly but words aren't sufficient. We even did boating in the Fewa Lake, roamed around the city; sightseeing, and ended the day with another round of barbecue parties.

We returned home the next day on a flight. Well, we did some goofy things at the airport, too. The flight was delayed due to unfavorable weather which gave us time to take pictures and make TikTok clips in and around the airport.

The trip would be one of the most memorable ones which will resurface once a while in days to come.

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