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BTS broke not only the cultural barriers through K-Pop but also broke the social stereotypes and obstacles by spreading powerful messages through their songs.

Their songs often deliver powerful messages by including themes of female empowerment, social injustice, and mental health which are unusual themes in culturally conservative South Korea. “Baepsae/Silverspoon” is an epitome of one the main messages of BTS that inspires social changes in our society. Among younger generations in Korea, “The spoon Class Theory” has become a viral concept which originates from the western idiom “born with a silver spoon in your mouth”. “The spoon class theory ranks people into four groups of “spoons- gold, silver, bronze, dirt according to their financial status. This song accurately describes the struggle of the younger generation not only in Korea but also around the world. As social in equality and the wealth gap has increasingly become a problem in our society.

BTS also didn’t forget to include a message of empowerment for their largest fan base; young girls. South Korean people often get discriminated based only on their physical appearance. BTS encourages its female audience to love themselves instead of listening to their criticisms the world has to offer.

In the K-pop the dominated culture we live in, The Bangtan Boys successfully utilized the tool of pop music to spread the message of social inequality and injustice that young generation often faces.

The name Bangtan Boys, literally “Bulletproof boys” means that they would block any social stereotype with their songs and values. Through songs and performances we can realize that they are true to their name.