CV; common mistakes to avoid in a CV.

CV; common mistakes to avoid in a CV.

Feb 02, 2021

Today, we decided to mention a few of the most common mistakes in CV that recruiters find. These mistakes are easily avoidable, yet crawl their way into our CVs only to end our CVs into the rejection pile.

Before we go on with the list, please go through our blog where we defined CV, its types and specialization. Just click here to see what really is a CV.

- Using a Generic CV:
This is one of the most common mistakes and one that is most hated by the recruiter. This particular mistake is more of a blunder than of a mistake. Each job is crafted with a different set of roles and responsibilities and your CV needs to be the answer to those requirements. But falling short to address that will inevitably help the recruiter to reject you without a second thought. Tailoring a CV for a specific job will set you apart in the herd.

- Spelling and Grammatical Errors:
This is a big NO-NO. CV is your first means of communication with your rather unknown recruiter and primarily represents your standards. Spell check, typos and grammars are the fundamental test set when it comes to hiring. So, as to avoid being disqualified just because of simple typos and grammatical errors, why not cross check your CV with a reliable grammar checking software or letting someone read it before you apply? Revisit your CV, edit it and refine it as you go through.

- Focusing on responsibilities, rather than Achievement:
As a recruiter, I wouldn’t want to know what you have done, but I am more interested in who precisely can you do it. Emphasizing on responsibilities won’t differentiate you from the remaining applicants. But, if you can write your CV based on your achievements, numbers are louder than mere words. Recruiters will hire you based on how well you can tackle the obstacle before you are hired.

- Making it vague and long:
To be honest, no one likes to read something that doesn’t make sense easily. Using 100 words when the same message can be conveyed in 20 doesn’t make your CV impressive. Everyone prefers to read something that’s short and precise without any overdoing of vocabulary. And at the end, you only have 7.4 seconds to make an impact.

- Avoid Cliches:
Phrases like, “I’m an excellent team-player and can work independently”, “I am dynamic, focused and creative”, “Highly motivated” and “I am self-starter” have lost their essence over time. Avoid listing these phrases without a valid set of examples to support them up. Skills with examples provide your CV with much needed credibility.

Along with these mistakes there are a lot more mistakes like poor presentation, use of incorrect information, leaving vacant spaces, not checking your CV repeatedly and many more.

Well, check your CV before you post them is a must and doing this will definitely lead you to success. Hope you avoid these mistakes when you make your next CV.

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Best of luck.

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