Tips for Better Salary Negotiation

Tips for Better Salary Negotiation

Sep 01, 2016

We all go through the salary negotiation process sooner or later. It has always been difficult for us to what to do for better salary negotiation. Follow below tips to sweeten the deal. 

We all go through the salary negotiation  process sooner or later. It has always been difficult for us to what to do for better salary negotiation. Follow below tips to sweeten the deal.


1. Be Persuasive

. Think of the process to convince your boss which might benefit the organization as well as pay you more but don’t force him, that may damage your working relationship.

2. Aim High, and Be Realistic

There exist a strong correlation between people's aspirations and the results they achieve in negotiation. At the same time, you want to suggest ideas to which your boss can realistically say yes.

3. Begin with the Right Tone

Let your boss know you listen to his view and try to understand his views. At the same time, you expect your boss to do the same for you so you work together to address issues. But avoid using ultimatums, threats and other coercive behavior.

4. Make your Interests Simple

Your compensation should satisfy wide range of needs, not just salary. Make sure you have thought about other points that value to you as well like: profit sharing, a bonus, greater work responsibilities, a quicker promotion schedule, increased vacation or flexible hours and other incentives.

5. Predict your Boss's Interests

Be clever enough to understand the needs and concern of your boss and be persuasive so he says Yes, to your ideas that are important to him.

6. Create Several Options

Brainstorming is the most effective way to find ideas that satisfy everyone's interests. It works best when you separate it from commitment first create possible solutions, and then decide among them.

7. Stay focused on Objective criteria

It is far easier to persuade someone to agree with your proposal if he sees how that proposal is firmly grounded on objective criteria, as firms are willing to pay people who like experience or what others in the company make.

8. Think through Your Alternatives

You need to have a backup plan in case you fail to persuade your boss to say yes. Prepare a specific action plan so you know what you'll do if you have to walk away from the table.

9. Be thoughtful to achieve Your Goals

This is the only aspect of your negotiations you can completely control. To take advantage of all of the above advice, you have to invest a significant amount of your time and energy.

10. Learning by reviewing

The only way you can really improve your ability to negotiate is to explicitly learn from your experiences. After you finish negotiating, think on what you did that worked well and what you might want to do differently next time.


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