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Interview छुट्यो !! अपनाउनुहोस् यी उपायहरु |

We all know what interview is.  One of the greatest fear of us all. It is the key to any job and also a chance to create an impression too. But have you ever been late to the interview or missed the most crucial part of the job you intended to get? Have you spoiled the chance of getting that job just by being late to that interview?

Well, most of us have. Traffic may interrupt anyone or accidents may happen any time. The case is, if these situations happen to fall before your interview, you always have chance to fight this to not lose your job with these important ways:

Notify the interviewer as soon as possible:

If you are sensing the chances of being late, you better inform the interviewer as earlier as possible. Making interviewer notified is always better than making them wait. Notifying the interviewer beforehand might also give a chance of rescheduling the interview and who knows you might get what you were about to miss.

Sincerely apologize:

Sincerity is what lacks in most of the people and is the most sought quality in an employee by any employee. So don’t bother to sincerely apologize and express your regrets. But do care that apologize better not sound like any excuses.

Ask to reschedule:

Missing an interview is a loss of great opportunity but the reason behind is also uncontrollable. There is a bigger chance that interviewer won’t reschedule but ask anyway. If you are lucky enough to get a second chance, thank the interviewer but even if he does not consider a second chance, don’t forget to apologize as well.

Send a letter or email:

Even after you call and inform, it is also necessary that you send an apology letter to the interviewer explaining the reason for being late or missing the interview. Send it within 48 hours of the missed interview. If letter in not possible, email can be sent instead.

Learn from you mistakes

Though you missed one interview, there is always another chance. Learning from the mistakes and not repeating the same mistake again is what makes you a better person.