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The use of internet has made the world easy. While you had to follow the work, the work itself follows you today. Seeking and applying for jobs has been easy these days with the use of internet. Despite the ease, there are certain things you also need to know before applying for the jobs, online.

Some of these helpful tips are:

1.Thoroughly read the job description:

It is found that, most of the recruiters are annoyed due to the fact that, job seekers apply for the job without even being qualified for the job. So take your time to understand the requirements of the job and don’t waste your time applying for the job that is not fit for you. You should make sure that the requirements and your content match if you intent to get good response through your application.

2.Create an original cover letter:

Including a cover letter is must, if the company has asked you to. You cover letter should include your accomplishment and skills while also remember that it needs to connect with the job descriptions as well. It is also believed that most of the recruiters tend to read your cover letter even before your resume, so be sure to mention your desire for the job and how you will use your skills on the particular job. Cover letter is what you are, in a summary, so be sure it is capable of creating a lasting impression to the recruiter.

3.Make sure your responses are on target and error free:

In the past days. while your written applications would go to the file and had less chances of being reviewed by the recruiters, your digital applications remains forever so make sure you check the content in it properly so that there is less chance you would be affected by it in the future. The spelling, content and grammar are to be understood and spelled out properly. Avoiding the abbreviations is another good tip for you.

4.Maintain one candidate profile per company:

By applying online, you enter into the digital world where your personal information are saved, once you apply online. So if you are applying for more than one company, be sure to maintain unique profile for every individual company you apply to eliminate the odds of the wrong profile being disqualified by the recruiter.

5.Fill out all fields within the application process:

The way you fill the application also gives the recruiters some hints about how interested you are towards the job.  Many recruiters tend to neglect the application that are not filled properly. So, the way you response to the fields of application can be both helpful as well as disgrace to you depending upon how to do the task.

6.Clean up your public social media profile:

With the vast use of social networking sites like facebook, linkedin, google+ and so on, companies these days encourage candidates to include their social profile within the online application process as well. So be sure the content in your profile does not give a red flag to the job you are going to apply. Your profile if maintained properly can connect you to the potential employers too so make sure your profile is with you, not against you.

7.Review all the information you imported before submitting:

Before clicking the submit button, review the content you have provided. Once you submit the information, it is directly received by the recruiters so make sure to maintain first impression in best way as possible.

Sometimes, even after making your perfect application, things might go wrong. So always remember to keep the hold on your application to not miss the chances in the future.